"I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom
and progress"
Frederick Douglass
Are you pregnant or know
someone who is?
Whether you are pregnant,
need help, have had an
abortion, need healing,
understanding or forgiveness
Protect your unborn child.
You have options.
Nothing is hopeless.
Pregnancy Resource Center
Rochester New York
Douglass said...

"Believe in yourself.  
Take advantage of every
Use the power of spoken
and written language to
effect positive change for
yourself and society."

"What is possible for me
is possible for you."

Frederick Douglass created
a life of honor, respect and
success that he could never
have dreamed of when still
a boy on Colonel Lloyd's
plantation on the Eastern
Shore of Maryland.

"I have one great political
idea. That idea is an old one.
It is widely and generally
assented to; nevertheless, it is
very generally trampled upon
and disregarded. The best
expression of it, I have found
in the Bible. It is in
substance, 'Righteousness
exalteth a nation; sin is a
reproach to any people'
(Prov. 14:34). This
constitutes my politics—the
negative and positive of my
politics, and the whole of my
politics. I feel it my duty to
do all in my power to infuse
this idea into the public mind,
that it may speedily be
recognized and practiced
upon by our people."
Frederick Douglass
Elected Officials
"The Largest Christ-Centered, Multi-Ethnic and Republican Ministry in America"
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