Testimonial of a Black Republican

By Providence Crowder


Ok, here’s the story.  I was born and raised a Democrat.  As odd as “being born a Democrat” may sound, that statement is as true as it is tragic.  Both of my parents were, my aunts and uncles were, and every influential adult in my life proclaimed to be . . . a Democrat.  I hadn’t considered questioning why because politics didn’t interest me much.  I inherently knew that I was one, and when I became of voting age, the fundamental rule was that I must vote the party line all the way down the voting ticket.  Why Democrat, you may ask?  Because all black people, as far as I was told, voted Democrat.  And since I was black, that made me Democrat.  So when I turned 18 years of age, I registered to vote and voted as any good black American would. I followed the example of those around me and saddled that Democrat donkey every election Tuesday without understanding the issues, without learning the party platforms, and without a thorough assessment of the candidates.  Heck, I didn’t even care to know such things; I just wanted the Democrats to win the election against those “racist” Republicans that I had been taught were against black people.  I wanted the rich to pay their fair share like we, the poor and working class Americans, were.  I didn’t even mind a little redistribution of wealth when it came to someone else’s fortune, as long as mine was left alone.


Moreover, my Christian roots ran deeper than my Democratic ones.  I was raised in a strongly conservative Christian home, and even though for a time I had strayed, I eventually grew to know and love Christ on my own as an adult.  Christianity became no longer my parent’s religion, but MY faith, MY conviction, MY choice.  I eventually began to seek godliness in all areas of my life; work, home, recreation . . . in everything.  My Christian worldview even caused me to, for the first time, examine my politics.

Upon a closer examination of my party, I learned that most of the Democratic Party’s platform stood against many biblical moral standards.  Generally, they rejected the biblical definition of marriage and they overwhelmingly supported abortion.  I learned that more often than not, when I voted for a Democratic candidate, I was voting against my family values.   That troubled me greatly and I began to question my loyalty to the party; and after I began to make my way through college and learn a little about economics, I discovered that the Democratic Party’s economic policies were detrimental for not only black Americans, but for all Americans!

Their socialist policies have managed to create a permanent underclass of poor blacks dependent on government programs and entitlements for survival.  Their policies have done what 400 years of slavery couldn’t do; destroy the black family.  The government has replaced the father in many poor black households by promising young mothers that they would provide for her and her children and pay her bills, as long as the father was not in the home.  Their policies have discouraged work by providing greater benefits and incentives for staying home.  Their policies have supported the genocide of black babies through the public funding of “murder on demand” corporations such as Planned Parenthood.  Their policies have turned affirmative action into an unfair quota system that discriminates against white men and at the same time puts into question the qualifications and merit of accomplished blacks.  After learning all this, I remembered on several occasions telling my husband, “You know I’m a Republican on paper.  I like the party but not the people.  They are spot on point and I agree with most of what they’re saying, but I will not vote for any of those racists.”

I was almost free, but the great escape didn’t come without challenge.  After all that I had learned, I still wanted a reason to vote Democrat because I subconsciously feared going against my cultural norm. I had just the reason.  Republicans were racist and did NOT want me to be a part of their party!  Though I had seen those black Republican weirdo sell-outs on TV (through sound bites played on MSNBC), it wasn’t until my first personal encounter with a black Republican, a friend and co-worker, that I would finally break the Democratic stronghold, break free from the groupthink politics that have left blacks politically inept; escape the mental slavery that the modern day plantation of “entitlements” and “government help” have used to entice many into laziness, dependency, and unproductivity.  Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann were starting to lose their grip on me.


My dear conservative friend introduced me to some historical facts about the Democratic Party that helped push me to research for myself whether or not the claims he made were true.  What I learned crushed my beliefs that the Republican Party was full of racists who were trying to hold the black man down.  What I learned left me with no affinity for my inherited party; I was left, finally, with NO good reason to vote Democrat.

What I found out in my quest for political clarity was that the Republican party passed EVERY civil rights legislation in regard to black Americans, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, which was signed by a Democrat president but only passed because of a Republican congress’ overwhelming support.  Most Democrats in congress opposed it.  Republicans passed the 13th amendment, freeing black slaves; the 14th amendment, giving blacks their citizenship; the 15th amendment, granting blacks the right to vote.  Even still, whenever Democrats would take back control of the white house and congress, they would prevent blacks from buying land, they denied them fair wages for their work, and they undid many of the civil rights advancements of the Republicans.

Republicans were largely responsible for promoting and defending the civil rights of blacks while Democrats fought to lynch us, enslave us, and keep us as second-class citizens.  I discovered that even civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was Republican and so was abolitionist Frederick Douglass.  Other abolitionists, both black and white, were Republican.  In fact, I learned that the Republican Party (initially comprised of disgruntled Democrats, Whigs, and Free Soil party members) was established in 1854 as the anti-slavery party; they opposed the spreading of slavery into free states.

I had always been told that white people were the ones who upheld slavery and fought to keep black people down.  I had never heard the political aspect of the civil rights controversy.  White people who identified themselves as Republican (most also identified themselves as Protestant Christians or Evangelicals) fought to free black slaves.  They clearly identified their enemy as Democrat, or Southern Democrat, the ones who wanted to maintain and spread slavery.  John Mark Reynolds once said of the Republican Party, “When it came time to confront the original sin of the nation—slavery—the Republican Party was on the Lord’s side.” Once they were granted the right to vote, blacks voted Republican and worked alongside white Republicans to advance our freedom in this country.


To my great surprise, I found out that it was the Southern Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery.  As Francis Rice has said, “They were the ones who passed the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. They started the Ku Klux Klan (the terrorist wing of the Democrat party) to lynch and terrorize blacks.”  They fought against the passage of every single civil rights law from the 1800’s through the 1960’s.

I began watching other news outlets, those besides CNN and MSNBC, to get other perspectives on current events.  I discovered that there was such a thing as a “liberal media” and it had an agenda; when the facts were not on their side, they changed the subject and called Republicans racist.  Their strategy was very effective.  I was bamboozled for years!  I have since read the party platforms for myself, starting from their inceptions to the present day for both the Democrat and Republican parties.  In the platforms, the facts speak for themselves.  I even observed, within the platforms, the exact time period when the Democrats jumped on the civil rights bandwagon, something the Republicans had been pushing for over 100 years.  Beginning in the 1950’s, the Democrats proposed to throw tons of government money into poor inner-city communities and offer other government “helps.”  By the 1960’s they offered to provide welfare to young mothers and their children, requiring no work, as long as the father was not in the home.

The civil rights agenda met harsh resistance from most Democrats and the party struggled on whether or not they should include civil rights as part of their platform goals.  They eventually agreed to do so, but with all of the wrong motivation.  Blacks were gaining number and political power (able to provide a candidate with enough votes to win the presidency), and the civil rights agenda was not going away but instead gaining popularity; Democrats had to give blacks something.  Not that they wanted blacks to be equal, but they wanted to give them enough to get them to voting Democrat so that Democrats could stay in power.  When Republicans were unwilling to be frivolous with taxpayer dollars by robbing one group of people to pay for a host of government funded programs, Democrats were dishonest and said to blacks, “Republicans don’t want to help you.  They don’t want to help poor people.”  Republicans proposed other ideas to help combat poverty; most involved hard work, education, business ownership, and minimal aid from the government. Those ideas were overshadowed by the powerful attraction that free money had over people that were struggling to make ends meet.  Despite the pleading of the Republican Party, which at the time still held the black vote, poor blacks took the bait.  They were above all glad that Democrats were no longer interested in terrorizing and lynching them, and almost equally as ecstatic that they would be getting “help” from the government.

Eventually the message became, “Republicans are racist.”  That message has stuck and resonated within black communities for the past 40 plus years.

It’s important for not only black Americans, but for all Americans to know the political history of this nation.   Why?  Because as Woodrow Wilson wisely stated, “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about.” I thank God for freedom to think for myself, freedom to vote my values, freedom to truly participate in democracy and government.  I thank God that I no longer vote out of tradition but because of conviction.


As a Christian, I know that the Republican Party is not a savior.  It can’t save us.  Government can’t save us.  There is no such thing as perfect politics or perfect political parties because political parties are made up of imperfect and sinful people.  The Republican Party is not without its faults and flaws for sure.  And as a Christian, I don’t put my trust in a political party, whose doctrines and philosophies may change with the people, but I put my trust in God who is unchanging.  With that being said, I have not yet attained paradise so I must continue living until I’m called home or Christ returns, loosely holding to the doctrines of my imperfect political philosophy (for God is neither Republican nor Democrat), all the while hoping my political inclinations are on the Lord’s side.  I don’t believe for one minute that God sides with either Democrats or Republicans, but it is up to Democrats and Republicans to side with God and stand against sin, much in the way the Republicans did when they stood against slavery.

Some issues are debatable; who has the best ideas to combat poverty, who has the best views on foreign affairs, etc., but other issues are not –the (premeditated) murdering of innocent preborn children is always wrong.


Concerning blacks in this nation; they have been used for political expediency, sometimes by friends and sometimes by foes.  Blacks, among other minorities have been and still are discriminated against; however, blacks need not continue blaming the sin of racism for their failures.  We don’t need a racist to do anything for us but to stay out of our way and allow us the same opportunity as everyone else to obtain success.  We should readily embrace the freedom that we have in this country to both fail and succeed; freedom that was fought long and hard for.  Some of us will have great success and others will struggle.

The beauty of Democracy is; we are all free.  One who is born into poverty has an opportunity to become rich, and yet a rich man may also one day find himself impoverished.  Nothing is guaranteed.  Only in socialist and communist countries is equality of outcome promised.  For many reasons that I won’t discuss here, socialism and communism don’t work.  Government is not our provider; we as a people have a responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.  Even Christ taught personal responsibility and didn’t require anything of the government, not even charity!  That’s OUR individual responsibility towards our brothers and sisters, and fellow man.  Christ didn’t teach covetousness or redistribution of wealth.


Government does have its proper place.  Biblically speaking, government was instituted by God to punish evil (1 Peter 2:13-15) and administer justice (Romans 13).  Our U.S. constitution grants government the authority to protect individual freedoms and promote the general well-being of society.  The government wasn’t designed to provide for people, but to allow people to provide for themselves.  The legislative branch, for example, was given certain powers by the people to collect taxes, pay debts, borrow money, establish post offices and roads, appoint lower courts, declare war, raise armies, navies, militias, and legislate over Washington D.C., to name a few.  We must keep the role of government in perspective, lest we the people give government so much power that we all end up slaves.

That is why Republicans opposed big government and government control.  They knew, as well as this nation’s founding fathers– a government with too much power could oppress certain groups of people and strip away their individual freedoms.  The Republicans of old wanted government to stay out of their lives because the government was the one who would strip their freedom and legislate through congress their demise.  They just wanted to be left alone and have equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

Those racist men and women who sought to terrorize and oppress blacks did not uphold the principle in the U.S. Constitution that stated that all men were created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.  That was what the civil rights fight was about—equality.  People fought and died to preserve and defend it.  Numerous black slaves left plantations with nothing more than the clothes on their backs yet they did not let discrimination or racism define them.  Instead, they pursued freedom and the responsibility that came with it; they sought to make themselves valuable to society and wanted government to get out of their way and stop preventing their forward momentum.  That’s what the civil rights fight was all about—equality of opportunity.

Many ex-slaves taught themselves how to read and write, became congressmen and legislators, doctors, lawyers, farmers, and businessmen.  Many were writers, teachers, and various professionals.  With the help of countless others, they fought to advance freedom for not only blacks but for all groups of people in this country.  Blacks would often make progress but would have that progress undermined when certain racists gained control of congress and the white house.


Ever since we as a people switched loyalty from the party that fought to get us and keep us free, we are no better off, and in many ways we are more depraved.  Today we have more black on black crime, black men and women in prison, teen pregnancies, fatherless homes, high black unemployment (over 16% today under a black president).  Black and White Republicans in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s, which at the time nearly all blacks were Republican, warned of this very day.  They warned that the Democrat-proposed government-run housing projects which are currently inner-city slums and that the abuse of government assistance programs (Republicans pushed long and hard for welfare reform) would create a permanent underclass of minorities- dependent, unproductive, and impoverished.

Today many poor blacks look to the government to provide for them.  Some look to our first black president to fix all of their economic woes.  What they have failed to realize is that President Obama and his policies are exacerbating their economic troubles.  The facts speak for themselves.

Economically, blacks are hit harder than whites.  Unemployment is higher and life expectancy is lower, yet our black socialist president gets a free pass.  Democrats, for the past 40 years, have run nearly every inner-city in America, many with black police chiefs, mayors, legislators, etc.  Yet we are no better off.  No complaints from the black community.    Black leaders blame the rich (who by the way are the job creators) for not paying enough.  They expect the rich to create jobs, keep prices low, endure the demands of unions and government regulations, pay high wages, and pay high taxes!  Alas, when some are fortunate enough to start their own business, they cry foul because the demands that they voted for are unreasonable!

Yet at every election cycle, you can be sure to see black Democratic leaders promising minorities free or low cost housing, free health insurance, jobs and everything else in exchange for a vote. They fail to tell the poor that none of that stuff is free and that somebody is paying.  Secondly, they fail to mention that businesses create jobs, not government.  If they supported small business development through incentives like low taxes, more jobs would be available to them.  Many poor blacks and other minority groups depend too heavily on government for survival and many truly believe that they are owed something, that someone has to give them something, that they don’t have to endure the responsibility that is conjoined with freedom.

I do agree that many government programs, such as those to help the homeless and orphans, the sick and the elderly, are good and necessary humanitarian aids for the good of society.  Republican presidents such as President Bush have done more than most to responsibly aid the most impoverished people, black and white, in this nation.  But like Republicans have argued, perpetual dependency on government aid drains societal resources and places an undue burden on taxpayers.  It is not good for a progressive people and it is counterintuitive to productivity and self-reliance.



Reflecting, I can clearly see that fear played a part in preventing me from voting my values; every black that I had heard of who didn’t drink the Democrat Kool-Aid and DARED to identify themselves with another party, or even worse, the Republican party, was labeled by other black Democrats as an Uncle Tom (even though Uncle Tom, a fictional character, was a hero in his story), a sellout, or a house negro.  Additionally, I simply didn’t have enough information.  Politics was a puzzle that I did not have enough pieces to.  Not saying I have all the pieces now; like so many things in life, politics is not simply black and white.  There are gray areas; many ways to combat our nation’s problems and no one party has all the answers or even the right answers.  No one political party has a claim on morality, no one political party has all the right solutions for poverty, crime, and foreign relations.  And despite the Democrat party’s shameful racist past, no one party is free of racism.  Racism exists within all political parties because some of the people who make up the parties suffer the disease of racism.   We live in a democracy and racists are allowed a vote too.

Today, I feel I am a much better informed voter than I ever was in the past.  Knowledge is power.  Its freedom.  Yet, heartbreaking to me is that many of my black peers look upon my freedom of political choice with disdain.

It disturbs me that many of the blacks that vote Democrat do so out of tradition.  I was one of them.  It bothers me that the Democratic Party takes our vote for granted in many of the same ways (and to their failure) that the Republican Party did in times past.  Democrats are allowed to be openly racist without consequence or reprisal from blacks.  Successful black Republicans such as retired four-star general and former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice have been disrespected, their names have been slandered, and their characters have assassinated by both black and white Democrats.  They have been called Uncle Toms, Aunt Mamie, and house niggers.  Blacks would be totally offended if these same names were directed at black Americans who were not Republican.


I have learned a lot about both political parties and enough to know that when given the choice between Democrat and Republican, I choose the latter.  There are many myths out there—and many reasons blacks say they don’t vote Republican—Nixon’s so-called Southern Strategy, the old Republicans are the new Democrats, Republicans are racists. . . I could go on and on.  Whatever their reason, so be it.  But as I have concluded, the values of the Republican Party of old have never changed.  From their beginning they have stood for small government, personal responsibility, low taxes, religious freedom, free enterprise, and adherence to the constitution.

I will end by saying this.  Though I was born and raised a Democrat, I am proud to say that today I am a freethinking American who chooses to vote her values.  And though I may not agree with every Republican, or every Republican idea, as of now, the Republican Party is my home.


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290 thoughts on “Testimonial of a Black Republican

  1. Very well expressed and researched. I applaud you for thinking for yourself rather then listening to everyone. What you say is totally truth, but it’s not only the blacks that vote straight partyline. It’s ALL democrats. They are loyal, I’ll give them that, but not for any other reason other then it’s what my family has been for decades. If your a true democrat and know what your party stands for by researching more power to you. But please do lots of research before voting for any party. Know your history and where they stood. Use what god gave you and what comes with it, your brain and common sense. No one is perfect, but we can get dang close :) God Bless America and it’s people!

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  3. Wow,
    Great article. Thank you. I myself being a white man from the South believe just as you that our faith must be in God, because he supports neither party, and more government will never be the answer to our problems. And as the years pass I can’t in good conscience support either party myself because of the criminality and hypocrisy that occurs within both parties.

  4. Stop letting your religious beliefs infiltrate politics! No one seems to remember separation of church and state anymore. Not everyone in the US is a Christian and not everyone believes in “Christian values for all.”

  5. I have tried to print this entire article out several times which amounts to 23 pages. However, the 2nd page always comes out blank. I have no idea why but would like to bring this to your attention. This problem starts at about the second paragraph just below HELP FROM A FRIEND. I have no idea what is causing this problem. This is a great article. Please look into this issue.

    Don Heck

  6. If “Obama” is re-elected for another 4 years … I believe it is 1933 all over again, but even worth then that … Government Control of the people does not work …but this is definitely on his Agenda … The Majority of the American people do not get it …before the 2012 Election arrives, I believe that you will see the Obama Administration give away many free things in order to get their Vote

    God help Us … How did Obama become President?

    I guess the Majority of Americans and illegals that Voted are fools

  7. You have been tricked again. Obama is from the Afican Arab Luo tribe, that traces it’s linage back the the Arab Slave traders. This I got first hand from a returning missionary from Kenyan Luo tribe. Obama, according to his tribe is Arab, half White, and only 1/16th black. Obama’s ancestors sold some, or maybe a lot of American blacks into slavery. now Obama comes to America to rule over the black slaves his ancestors sold to the English and Dutch slave traders.
    The truth is that about 500,000 union whist soldiers died to free the blacks from what Obama’s ancestors did to many of them.

  8. The Republican Party doesn’t even remotely resemble the phony images portrayed by Ms. Providence! The Republicans blindly worship and represent the Wealthy! Have you ever read what God says about a Rich Man’s chances of making it to Heaven are?? The Reublican Party is not representing or putting the Faces of Minorities or Women in the leads of it’s Party. The few Women or Blacks with any power or say-so,are merely tokens! Has she bothered to look at the legislation passed by the Republicans in the last 60 years? Ronald Reagan would be considered Liberal today,and the leaders of the Republican Party fight for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires,while denying unemployment benefits and Health Care for those less fortunate,along with throwing Seniors and Kids out into the streets! Has she looked at the Unemployment rates in the Ghettos,and the conditions her neighbors live in,compared to mainstream America? What about educational disparities? GE,eBay,and Ford(among others) paid less taxes than a Janitor,and she’s concerned about welfare?? She must have been asleep in School!

    • Sorry, but you are truly one of those with a blind loyalty to your racist masters of the Democrat Party. You make unfounded accusations against the Republican Party, and have not even considered the evidence provided in the message from Providence.

      How and why do you consider the Blacks in the Republican Party tokens? Were they not elevated thru the ranks by their accomplishments? Just one example, Condoleeza Rice, is a brilliant person who was a child prodigy, graduating early from school, getting early degrees, and being on of the youngest advisors to Presidents. She was also the youngest provost at Stanford.

      Why do you consider the Republican Party to be so bad and racist? Have you not looked around you and seen how poorly Black Americans have fared under programs designed and championed by Democrats? It is not through the efforts of Republicans that these programs have destroyed Black families.

      You need to get some honest, deep assessment of your core beliefs, and not just spout what the group-think says you should say and believe.

    • I agree with Norman56. Ivan, you have obviously been brainwashed by the leftist “educators” that seem to run rampant through our school systems today. “The Republicans blindly worship and represent the wealthy”? Really? … think about that statement, and then think about the entertainers and sports figures out there (among many others). Most of them are Democrats from what I see. Not to mention all the fat cats living in Martha’s Vineyard, Long Island, Florida’s Gold Coast, Hollywood, etc (ie: the Kennedys, Rockefellers – need I say more?).

      All I can say is that I am tired of working my buns off and paying ridiculous taxes so that others can sit on their behinds and collect my money because they are too lazy to get out there and find work. And I’m not talking about those people that actually deserve help ….. I give plenty to charity when I want to, and shouldn’t be forced because the government tells me to. Soon I will be one of those that needs assistance because the government is taking all my money. Talk about setting up a society that the government COMPLETELY controls!!! Keep voting the way you do and it will be here soon.

    • Ivan you didn’t hear a word of what she said, To much hatred, You use to many attack commercials as sources it Seems, or the Main Stream Media that gets away with every distortion of facts, One thing is the the Republicans aren’t perfect, though the 2010 election shows a great uprising to get back to the Republicans origins, Still without those that have how and who is going to support the Government, using GE as a source is just sad knowledge on your part a strong supporter of the Democratic machine and a big friend of Obamas, I hope you see the light some day as U have family that refuse to even read Providance article, as it might rock their beliefs.

  9. I am so proud of you & blessed by this. God is going to use you and your beautiful Spirit to free a lot of people that are in terrible bondage to the world! Thank you so much for sharing your heart. (I would vote for you in 2012 if I could!) :-)

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  11. Kudos to you! I too am a white southern woman who grew up in a “dyed-in-the-wool” Southern Democrat home. I didn’t realize until much later in life what that really meant. I’d much rather give somebody a hand UP than a hand OUT. Winston Churchill (I believe) once said, if you’re under 30 and not a Liberal you have no heart; if you’re OVER 30 and are not a Conservative, you have no brain. Or words to that effect. Thank you for standing up for yourself and not allowing the Liberal press etc to brainwash you! Keep up the great work.

    • So she traded in one washing machine for another. What all you fail to realize is if she had a true change she would speak more about how God has changed her life and how not to judge because we all must carry our own cross and leave the politics out of it. So don’t be fooled by the rhetoric about values. True values come the Bible, not a political party. Let’s be truthful, neither part reflects a true America or God’s laws.

  12. Beautiful. I used to have a similar views when I first came from India. Like many other Indians I used to think Republicans are racists and democrats were saviors. Past three years my views were shattered.
    Like the move dialog in ‘300’ :
    Democrats want blacks (other minorities) to kneel down.
    Republicans want everyone to stand on their own.

    Hopefully one day every Democratic party supporter realize this.

  13. I don’t know you, but I am damn proud of you! YOU should have a speaking platform to address the people who need to hear you the most.

  14. Praise the Lord, You are a very brave woman, black,white or whatever if we claim Christ as our savior he must come first.

  15. Dear Ms. Crowder,

    Outstanding article! Are you touring and giving speaches yet?

    Please let me know when you run for public office, you have my support and vote.

    God bless and all the best to you!

  16. Praise God! Thank you and I hope you are the inspirational spirit that ignites a revival of black common sense thinkers. My prayers are with you, sister!

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  18. Awesome article. Thanks for writing it. I found it at The Old Jarhead blog (www.tartanmarine.blogspot.com). I hope you get a million readers; I’ll be one of them. Ron P.

  19. Amazing.

    This sounds almost exactly like a friend of mine who is black and now a conservative.

    Until this friend and I sat down and discussed his epiphony over a couple of beers it never occured to me that people like him, this guy is smart as the dickens, didn’t realized that they had been hoodwinked.

    His change when he got interested in the principles of propaganda and notices the patterns he was studying matched to a T the noise coming form the media.

    He started studying and, as is the case here, realized that everything he thought he knew needed to be scrutinized through the lense of his new understanding.

    Too bad the history that is taught in our schools doesn’t teach history.

    • You are they don’t teach history. Achievments of Blacks, Native Americans and Latinos are left out of the history books. Even slavery is slowly being erased from history books. You like “sista Republican” need to research the votes and the legislation passed by the parties. Talk is cheap, votes tell the story. Notice that was not in her “research.”

  20. Love the article, but in the interest of fair reporting, Dr. King may’ve started life as a Republican, but he later supported Robert Kennedy and was also supportive of Jimmy Carter’s nomination.

    Just thought you’d want to know . . . Texas Preacher Woman

  21. When will the Talk Shows pick this up & have you on?? Have you gotten a call from The View & Whoppie?? LOL HAHAHA.

  22. Good job expressing the basic values. As a nation we have been like a herd that has been stampeded through the fear tactics of the media. Time to stop reacting and start acting based on our values not our fears!

  23. Can I ask, how is difficult to not associate racism or any ‘ism’ with the republican party when you read/hear comments like this coming from your beloved “christian” republican party.

    In Response to an article on cell phones being a civil right
    …Linda Brawley ~ This is where your tax dollars are going-FREE phones for blacks, illegals , and the “entitled” how much a month do you pay for yours and theirs?

    John Vahey~ Free phones to call their crack dealers…. this country is doomed…

    Janet Apreza~hehehe see laziness invade us people who dont work get food stamps wic wellfare and now free cell phones and they even get their rent and bills paid for by goverment they should be sent to work to the fields instead of being given benefits (hmm..i wonder if she means cotton fields)

    James Harnois~maybe I should take another job and give all the proceeds to the poor poor pitiful poor so they can buy a new xbox game and a bag of weed.


    Or how do you feel when the president is referred to and depicted as a monkey or called a Tar Baby.

    ” Republican senator Kern said Blacks earn less money than whites because they are not willing to work as hard.”

    I can’t wait to leave this country. I just cannot wait. You haven’t the slightest idea. I’m over people being indoctrinated, being discriminated against, and being TAKEN for. You can have that republican party. Be my guest.

  24. To me, the most dramatic and informative sentence in this treatise is “The government wasn’t designed to provide for people, but to allow people to provide for themselves.” I am one of the guilty ones. As an older white woman on social security, I look forward to that “gummint” check every month. Even though I paid into social security for over 50 years, I will receive much more than I put in. I can understand how a single mother with small children can be mesmerized when a check arrives month after month with no effort on her part. I believe it changes one’s values and motivation. Why work at a low-paying job, be separated from one’s children, feel the satisfaction of working hard and the tiredness at day’s end when a simple trip to the mailbox once a month provides basic necessities for one’s family? Particularly when everyone around this single mother is living the same sort of life. It would take enormous courage and self-confidence to break out of that lifestyle. I admire and applaud everyone who has succeeded in doing so. I wish I had the language skills Ms. Providence so eloquently displays. Her innate intelligence is so evident. Going against the ingrained beliefs of her family and her heritage took immense courage. Thank our good God that there are people out there standing up for their beliefs and mandating change. (Not the Obama change but something real and tangible and consistent with our Founding Father’s legacy.)

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  26. Okay! First, I really, really commend you for indulging yourself to study and research the doings of both parties, You’ve shared things, I didn’t even realize about both parties.

    Now my polite, but humble constructive criticisism.

    I feel that when you based your voting values on Christian beliefs, That’s extremely destructive to those who don’t know anything about the bible or actual politics, Because if you would’ve actually shed a lil more light on biblical principle, you would’ve understood that God is actually against Human governments set fourth. “YES” god allowed them to be established, but he didn’t make them, and again “HE ALLOWED THEM” “HE DIDN”T MAKE THEM”. NOw if you carefully read (“1st Samuel 8: 4 – 22) and you’ll understand that this was pretty much the beginning of voting and wanting a Higher official such as a King to rule over nations and not God. These people wanted a King to rule over them and not the Almighty anymore. Also if you actually read it, you’ll understand that God was not only “HURT” by this action, he was furious, and he basically revealed to Samuel the hipocrisy and be-littling, that these people will have to deal with. And in all “HONESTY” that’s what we deal with today with these presidents ans superior officials. Also to even go a step further when People mention that their Jesus believers, “EVEN JESUS SAID HE’S NO PART OF THE WORLD AND NIETHER IS HIS FOLLOWERS” and that came out the mouth of God’s Son personally. So the itself lets us know we shouldn’t take part in anything concerning politics.

    • “So the itself lets us know we shouldn’t take part in anything concerning politics.” I wouldn’t draw that conclusion at all. That’s just sitting back and letting Satan run things. The Word of God says that we of the Church of God should be harmless as doves but also as wise as a serpent. There has to be a balance. We are fortunate enough to be citizens of the only country in the world founded on Biblical principles. We should use that advantage to vote in those who stand for those principles, and allow a free course of the Word. Jesus was not OF this world but was IN it, and so are we. We must stand for God and not wimp out.

  27. As a person of color — white’s still a color in the crayon box! — and a devout born again believer, may I say I am glad and thankful I took the time to read your article. Lord bless and keep fighting the good fight!

    • White may be a color in the crayon box, but caucasian are the rulers of this world. Want to be noble. Run for office, don’t talk about your eyes being opened. Where are you making a difference to anyone but yourself with this self serving tale? Do volunteer as a child advocate, do you visit prisons to help them turn their lives around? I think not. This story was truly about Y-O-U. Not God, not the Republicans, just you. Everything else sympathetic rhetoric.

  28. What an excellent article! People of all stripes need to read this. I’m going to spread it around as much as possible! Very encouraging!

  29. This was very well done and presented. Thank you, it could not have been done better. A fellow Black Republican, Brother of Jesus Christ and Son of God. Bubbatxs

  30. Ma’am,

    This article was probably the best written piece of the hundreds I read a month or thousands a year. You are a great writer, you have a gift of clarity.

    I pray our Lord’s blessing on you as you continue your walk to Him and truth….after tonight, I am probably no longer a Republican, I am thinking the Tea Party or Independent. I do support your sentiments and will pray for you. God Bless.

  31. Excellent article!!! I learned several things I did not know, but so much of this I have been saying for years! Thank you for publishing!!

  32. Kudos. Wonderfully written. I hope you send this/or contact Fox. You should be a guest on Hannity, et al.
    Something I have noticed when reading responses from Dems. is that they never make their own case. If they disagree with you, they name call. So, should anyone so base criticize, it will be the group that slither around the blogs accusing everyone anti-Obama/Dems, racists. Keep writing. Someone must expose the move toward dependence and socialism. Sheila

  33. Here’s what I learned:

    1) Republicans freed black people
    2) Gays and unfit parents need less freedom

    Hell, maybe no one needs freedom. I, however, need a lot of cotton.

  34. providence (ˈprɒvɪdəns)

    — n
    1. a. Christianity God’s foreseeing protection and care of his creatures
    b. such protection and care as manifest by some other force
    2. a supposed manifestation of such care and guidance
    3. the foresight or care exercised by a person in the management of his affairs or resources

  35. the problem with the article is making a decision on current politics based on history of the past 50 years is rather idiotic. Today’s republican party is not the least bit related to the party of Lincoln as the democratic party of today bears no similarity to the party of Strom Thurman who by the way switched parties when the racist policies left the democratic platform in the late 70’s. I on the other hand don’t align myself with either party, however each year I find myself, a fiscal conservative trying to find a way to vote for a republican and the social policies of hated and bigotry that sustain the base of the party and hence those that it offers for election force me to look elsewhere. The democrats are not the friends of the African American however the leadership of the republican part is definitely the enemy to peoples of color and to people who view diversity of thought and culture to be a positive thing. So I am still looking for a republican to vote for but those republicans are labeled rinos by a party that is so intent on making sure everyone is labeled and diverse views and debate are locked out. So I wander the streets at night with my lamp looking for a republican to vote for who isn’t a slave to corporate america and xenophobic views.

    • Thank you, Lonnie, for at least recognizing that the reason the Democratic Party lost the South was BECAUSE the Democrats challenged Jim Crow, and other racist atrocities.

  36. I am not Black, but Providence I am your sister in Christ…I agree with everything you said, I too was born into a Democratic party family, registered Democrat at 18, voted that way until one day I just couldn’t bring myself to vote against my values either. I decided rather to not vote than vote for the lessor of two evils, for that wasnt good enough for me. This went on for many decades. On about 4 years ago< I became interested again in the political arena with women getting involved in the presidency, and the3re was such a diverse array of characters running. I switched when I chose Mitt Romney as the best candidate who most represented my values to vote for. I have since did my history on the Republican party, I too, am home!

    I LOVE YOUR ARTICLE, read it off a reposting on Facebook. Well done!

    I am equally impressed with the responses, by those who also care about their values, God being respected in our lives, and it is my prayer that we all come to see the value of God in our lives, and let it guide our choices, as it did in the days of old.

    Thank you..


    • Romney best represent your values. The man that is part of a religion that thought of Black people as animals. Really!!??? A man that does not talk about his religion or God at all. You are home. I got news for you and the author. God is not into politics. When you become a disciple for God, then you are home. Not when you switch political parties.

  37. I am very humbled by the kind words and encouraged by all of wonderful testimonies I’ve read; I am overwhelmed and thankful that there are so many of us out there who want truth, who want what’s good for this nation, who fear God! I am also grateful to Ayesha and Matt (of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY)for working so hard, alongside all of us to get the conservative message out. God is truly awesome and I thank Him!

    • Providence, I’m in my eighth decade of life and yours is the first explanation that spoke to my hunger for truth about political parties and their aims and intentions. Your powerful and insightful article is full of wisdom and useful information concerning our voting choices. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The fact that you attribute all to our Lord is proof that you and others like you are His tools for change! God bless you, your organization and our beloved country.

  38. You’re beautiful. I couldn’t read the article thoroughly, but I guess you could be right as long as you follow your heart. Regards from Brazil.

  39. Dear Providence, I applaud you! A very well written article that is badly needed in our crucial political and faith-facing times. So many have turned against God, turned against our Country and only want what they get get for free, regardless of race. I, however, want to point out that after researching our FIRST Black President, I found that Obama (I will not call him my President) is the sixth bi-racial President America has had. You reseached many things but accepted the catch-all phrase that Obama is our first black president. He is not. We, as of yet, have not had a 100% black president. We are, however, pushing like crazy to draft one now! Congressman LTC Allen B. West of Florida; extremely Military, Christian, Republican and dedicated American. Too many people believe what they are told about Obama being the first black president and I just want those that have not done their research to research this. It is extremely easy to find and see. Even Thomas Jefferson was bi-racial and was our FIRST BI-RACIAL PRESIDENT! :)

  40. Wow. . . One of the best explanations so eloquently stated that I have ever had the pleasure of reading regarding the Black community and Democrats. Thank you. And I plan to share.

  41. I was so moved by Providence’s article that I have had to read it about 10 times over. Reading it made me feel like I was in the room with the author listening to her words flow out of her heart. Her story is so well stated and researched that only a stupid blind person could dispute Providence’s facts, while I know they will try. Unfortunately it is not just Democrats who are hurting our country there is a worse demon on the lose and running fast, it is Liberalism and Progressiveism, and they are the ones who will roll our country back to the dark ages if we let them, but it will take people like Providence to speak out loudly that can slow them down or stop them. Thank you Providence for what you have done and for telling the truth.

  42. Small suggestion. While I can navigate this site and it has nice graphics, superb content and some wonderful links, I have not found that one convenience that allows me to upload a “Bunker” link back on my own solitary little wall, so i can return myself and maybe beckon to others to follow on this exploration. It might be there, but maybe a Dayglo Orange arrow to the “like button” might assist!

    • I would love for you to assist george LOL – I am a tech idiot and flying by a “self taught” style here… :)

  43. What was said so eloquently and logically here has actually been heard by me in chatting with quite
    a variety of those Americans I meet in my travels who are of mixed descent. I believe it is the strong Spiritual beliefs which allow these folks to see around what passes for conventional “wisdom” of the left. That said, I yearn for the success of a Herman Cain or Colonel West in rising to eradicate the stains of reprisal and greed and misunderstanding that have marred the tenure of our first “post
    racial President.”

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  45. Thank you for this wonderful article. It’s refreshing to hear the subject of Republican racism from a smart black woman. It gives me hope because I am so tired of being called a racist just because I’m a Republican; when I am not. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  46. Thank you for writing this. I too grew up in a Democratic family and blindly followed what I thought was expected. These are not facts that I remember learning in school. I now teach my own children and throughtheir curriculum I am learning that much of what I thought I knew was not as it seemed.

  47. Excellent information, presented in a clear and articulate way – Providence you ARE a Winning Woman! One of our members posted a link to your blog on our Facebook page and all of our community is forwarding it.

    I would like to invite you and the thoughtful women who have posted here to check out Winning with Women (http://www.winningwithwomen.org/) and facebook page (facebook.com/winningwithwomen). Sign-up, like us and continue to spread the value of conservative thought and action!

  48. Providence, I love you!!! :-) I’ve had a lot of the same problems you’ve had growing up and my turning point was when I was ridiculed at a La Raza meeting for not agreeing with their views and agenda. At that point I began looking at Conservatism with a different view. Keep up the good fight!

  49. This was a very well written article, however, she does make reference to the United States being a ‘democracy’, and I’m surprised that a particular and important fact has managed to get by her: the United States is a republic. It is referred to in the Constitution as a ‘democratic republic’. I think as many Americans have recently become disillusioned with the democrat party and its apparent lack of ethics, and outright disdain for the Constitution, more people have been considering the United States to be a Constitutional Republic, as intended by our Founding Fathers.

  50. Wow! This is an out-of-the-ballpark piece, Ms. Crowder. I’ve posted it on my FB page (I ran across it on FB, to start with), so it’s viral.

    Interesting that I bumped into it right after reading the last page a 1960s novel, “Five Smooth Stones,” which was about the period of time when anger & violent civil disobedience arose. In which, of course, there was no recognition of the roots of institutionalized slavery; there were just “bad whites” and “good whites.”

  51. Please, forgive my error as I meant to direct my comment to Providence Crowder. I hope it may be corrected for me.

  52. Carol, thank you SO much for your faith testimony and your sound reasoning for the way you now vote.

    You have helped me understand my own thinking. I have been questioning myself concerning my Republican affiliation and have come to the conclusion that for the most part it IS the party that best defines my Christian values, too. But your summation of your personal history and growth has helped confirm my choice. I definitely WOULD have voted for Obama had his platform been MORE conservative. He won not only for the way the Democrat party has deceived the black communities but many in the white community as well. When I became old enough to vote, WAY back, I had also inherited the Democrat label, though I was white and low/middle class as the class conscious Democrats would say today. I got in the voting booth and decided to vote for Ike Eisenhower because I had watched the conventions of that day, BUT I also voted for a Democrat Congress that year…and that is exactly what America got that year…I thought I had really done something ! Anyway, over the years I concluded I should vote a straight party ticket in order to help fulfill the platform of the Party. I cannot say I was not a racist of sorts. I certainly was not one in the true sense of the word and certainly did not condone anything like the KKK. But I was raised in a segregated society and although my family NEVER talked racist against black people, NEVER heard the “N” word in my family even from my paternal grandmother (as well as I can remember) whose grandfather was in the Civil war, Confederate, of course. But I realize she was very racist; she reprimanded me for saying “Yes mam” to a black lady who did ironing for us. However, I did not listen to her. I used those polite words to everyone who was older than me or had authority over me, in a legitimate sense, i.e., teachers, preachers, police and it did not matter what race they were. My grandfather taught me these southern manners, although I did not use them for my own parents or grandmothers…just my grandfather because I really loved and respected him. Anyway, since I am a Christian I have learned to put to death the fleshly things that separate me from God, including racism or any sense of superiority over any other human being. I would that every American would know Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to direct their lives and values, too.

    Again, thank you very much, Carol !!

  53. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago in the ’50s & ’60s during the Mayor Daley regime. Once, at the age of 10, while driving up Lake Shore Drive with my uncle Frank & listening to a radio broadcast pertaining to President Kennedy, my uncle say, “When you grow up always vote Democrat.”
    “Why?” I asked.
    “Because Democrats take care of people like us.”
    “You mean you expect me to grow up to be too stupid to take care of myself?”

  54. Where is the “Like” button? This was well written. I am very proud of you. Keep on educating, not only the black community but every community. Together we are strong divided we fall, and that is what the elite polititians want.

  55. I thank God for people that will step out of the “norm” and will stand on God’s word and not worry about what others will say about them!!! This article is FANTASTIC and I am going to share it via e-mail and on facebook and pray that everyone I send it to will not only read it but read it with an open mind and allow God to show them the truth(s)! Unfortunately there is still racism everywhere around us, and it will be there till the end of time but there are also so many of us that do not look at the color of ones skin but looks at others through the eyes that God has given us to see… I love people for who they ARE and for what they DO for God and others NOT for what they SAY! Any of us can SAY anything! I will pray for God to bless you and keep you every day for taking a stand against racism and all of our morals that every true follower of Christ should take a stand for!!! I would LOVE to hear more from you! Blessing in Christ, Pam

    • I think I missed that part. What has she done for God. I heard a lot about her and her decision to move to the Republican party, nothing about what she has done in the name of or for God.

  56. What can I say, but AWESOME!! You are a very articulate lady and have blessed me.Every American should read this article if they have lost hope in this nation, it will restore faith and hope.Well done, Providence.

  57. You are a blessing. Thank you so much for this article, that should be shared on every political forum around this great nation. Blessings to you for breaking free of your bonds and using your great intellect to not only see through the Democrat facade, but to speak out against it.

    Bravo lady!

  58. Great article Providence. You are truly a gifted writer and I know you are a great speaker. Keep up the good work. We will get there. May God continue to use you in all that you set your hands too. I will post your article here in Fl. Look forward to seeing you at the convention.
    God Bless
    Sharon Russ

  59. What a word!!! Thanks for the confirmation,as of a year ago i became a republican also for the same reasons you have shared.I would like to post this on my Face Book,Your message has really encourage me so much,now i can go to work on my family and friends.may the Lord forever bless and keep you!!!

  60. I suppose it is no coincidence that your name would be “Providence.” Christians are deeply familiar with this word. Thank you, Providence, for your brutal honesty and humble heart. All too many times, as I have debated why I switched from Democrat to Republican as a young adult, I found that I knew why but could not put it into words. Something that may strike some as odd, since I am a man of many words and opinions. This blog, though, opened my eyes to why I am what I am, in words I could understand and relate to. I pray that many will read this with an open mind, honest heart, and God-fearing conviction to know truth when it is presented! Keep up the good work, and word. I look forward to more of your writings! God bless!!!

  61. I am also a very outspoken woman who speaks her heart and soul. I read your piece, and truly you humble me. Your sincerity, your honesty, and your love of God inspires me. You are the voice of so many of us who feel as you do. Thank you for also speaking MY heart. May God bless you!

  62. One exceptionally written piece! Eloquent, filled with insight, and as honest as I have ever read. I cannot thank you enough for writing this. I will share this among my friends.

  63. There are more millionaire Democrat legislators in DC than there are Republican millionaires. Been that way for a long time. I hate “class” warfare and I hate Party bickering! There is one race…human!!

  64. This was a well written article and it is informative. However, the largest portion of the article referred to the old values and how the republican party began. The republican party of today may have those same core values but it is what they portray to other Americans that is a turn off. It is who they allow to be the public face of the party that makes the party appear to be racist leaning. Further more we know that there only intent is to get back to the White House in 2013, not for the good of the country. Why couldnt the republicans pass a balanced budget amendment when they were in control of both houses of congress and the White House.

    I am a former democrat but now I am Independent as both parties have to many flaws for me to support either. I can not figure out for the life of me how you can be Christian but support abortion and gay marriage. Both parties have flaws that they must correct from within.

    • “Both parties have flaws that they must correct from within”. The Democrats have no interest in correcting any flaws, it seems to me. The Republicans have the Tea Party movement to grapple with, that is the correction.

    • Charles, You write:

      “The republican party of today may have those same core values but it is what they portray to other Americans that is a turn off. It is who they allow to be the public face of the party that makes the party appear to be racist leaning.”

      Can you be specific about this? I honestly don’t know who you could be referring to that gives a racist impression. Please name names, for if this is true, they need to be called to account for it.

      You also state:

      “Further more we know that there only intent is to get back to the White House in 2013, not for the good of the country.”

      I would suggest that, while there are evil politicians in all parties, the primary reason they wish to get back into the White House in 2013 is because they (and I) believe it will very much be for the good of the country. If I thought that the Democratic Party’s approach would best serve the country, I’d vote for them. But I firmly believe just the opposite.

      I suggest you put aside preconceived notions about the parties and simply look at the facts. I’m convinced that when truth is truly sought, and when emotions and bias are removed from the equation, the facts speak for themselves. I encourage you to listen to them, with an open mind, and consider what they say, as Providence did!

    • My issue is that I may not personally believe in abortion, but I hate the fact that Republicans feel like they can make that decision for everyone in the nation. And gay marriage may not be something you believe in, but is that fair to discriminate against someone who does based on religion?? Your religious beliefs should not influence policy for the nation. That in itself scares me about Republicans.

      • murder is murder – If you are christian or athiest or what ever killing children is not an option and has nothing to do with ones party affiliation or religion it is just WRONG! and should not be a choice because it is murder… or should we let from one state to another choose if killing someone is okay?

  65. Excellence in your words, beauty in your thoughts, I would like to see you at the Republican Convention, you could add prominence with your beliefs, and help bridge the gap between the races, when we look at each other as Human Beings we will move to a better understanding, for each other, I was reffered to your testimony by FB friends, Vicki Walter Beyer and Sabrina Wheeler also shared a link

  66. That was wonderful–would you allow it to be posted elsewhere? I am a Herman Cain supporter. Your narrative is honest and beautiful–but most of all true.
    If you are willing please check out Herman Cain— he is my Republican Candidate.

    God Bless you!!

  67. Hey Providence,Thank You for sharing your inspirational story! Now if we could only get more Republican politicians to learn how to explain their positions better.You know,just like Democrats but without the used-car, salesmen feel.Have a great life!

  68. Wow! You are a person with a lot to say . . . about something that needs to be said . . . and you’ve said it extremely well. Nicely done. Thank You!

  69. your name says it all….

    Providence also refers to God himself in his providential aspects, to a person who acts as the means of Providence, and to an act (favorable or unfavorable) witnessing or manifesting God’s will

    May your eloquent words echo through this entire nation…

  70. Bless your heart ma’am.That was so great. Thanks for sharing. I wish more democrats could read this. Take care.

  71. You are an inspiration, Providence. God Bless you!! What a privilege to read such an insightful and worthy blog from someone who is obviously the sort of American our country needs most right now. You are phenomenal!!!

  72. WOW! You have been blessed with a brilliant mind and an exceptional writing talent! You should start a speaking tour…the uniformed need to hear you! The truth needs to be told and the propaganda MUST be silenced. Thank you for sharing!

  73. Ms Crowder,

    You have taken my argument and given it a voice that speaks far more eloquently. There is nothing so great to read as a well reasoned argument, surely the God we serve will use your work to stir the hearts of others. You preach it, I will turn the pages! Thanks so much.

  74. Ms. Crowder,
    You are a real American hero! I applaud you for having the courage to write this and speak out publicly. Your article should be mandatory reading in public schools across the country. May I note also – you know how to spell! And you know grammar! That right there sets you apart from 95% of the population of the USA, black or white, and it also sets you apart from the vast majority of those with a college education! (How sad is that!)

    I would be proud to call you Friend!

  75. Oh my! I am totally blown away and extremely encouraged by all the kind words and testimonies. I am humbled and grateful to God that I have had the opportunity to share my heart with you all.

  76. Wow I have not run into many people that could go beyond a far left
    up bringing to realize the lies and the shameful truths of the Democratic party, not saying the Republicans don’t have some bad issues but I do believe they can change with the majority vote, the peoples vote.This is a very inspiring story, Thanks for sharing, Best Regards C Clark

  77. Providence, I am very proud of you, even though you are not my daughter…you are my sister. As a child of God, we are all accountable for what we do, not what someone does to us or for us.
    May God continue to bless you and please don’t be too upset with “Clinton” or anyone else, because everyone is responsible for what they say and do.

  78. You have not missed your calling at all Providence, in fact, by providence, I think you have found it. I am hoping to reach out to blacks, hispanics, and other racial minorities and the poor and working class of all colors to educate them about such things as: how to get out of debt, how to save, how to settle credit cards, mortgages, loan mods, renting vs home ownership (renting is not so bad in the economic times we are entering), also in economic policies and simplifying the important decisions our nation is now facing. Perhaps you and I will hook up some day. Look me up on FB Wanda Kinzeler

  79. Thank you for sharing this. Many of us have known this and have been very discouraged realizing the truth in not what is heard. Your clear, heart-felt position made me rejoice. I pray others awaken to the truth!

  80. Providence … what a lovely name for a beautiful person. I was raised in Washingto DC, and attended Anacostia HS in the 50’s. The segregation situation escalated when Ms. Parks wouldn’t sit in the back of the bus, and spread through the whole country. I can still remember the photos of the little children being escorted by police for fear of them being hurt. Our school even had a “sit-out” to protest blacks being allowed to go there. It all came from bigotry and bias that went back many years, and until I learned from reading my Bible that God doesn’t look at skin color but into each person’s heart, I was bigoted as well. I know my parents were. God bless you for this testimony. I hope you become a motivational speaker (if you aren’t already) and share your experiences with many, many people.

  81. In my many years of work, I have had the privilege to work with many, many different types of churches: evangelical, Catholic, charismatic, post-modern, etc. The thing I have found most appealing has been in working with pre-dominantly black churches. The love and kindness of the people has been immeasurable. They do so love God. Another group I have enjoyed working with are Catholics, simply because they are wholly devoted to their faith (that’s not to say all Catholics are…but the ones whom I’ve WORKED with are). And yet, the most confusing part of working with both groups is in figuring out why the vast majority of both these groups continue to vote for candidates who violate their most sacred beliefs as Christians. This woman’s article cleared my confusion and gives me hope.

  82. Your story had me crying and smiling from ear to ear. I pray everyone who sees your article will share it on Facebook and send it in email to every single person they know.
    God bless you Providence!
    Your Sister in Christ,

  83. Your story mirrors my own, sister. Raised fatherless in Newark, NJ, voted for Jesse Jackson when I turned 18, and for another Democrat 4 years later, all contrary to my faith in Yahushua (Jesus) and my service in the Marines. Made the switch when a conservative friend of mine pointed out the inconsistencies…

    Make sure to tell Keith Slobberman and Janeane Barfolo that black Conservatives and Tea Party members DO exist!

  84. What a testimony! As you call Republicanism “home,” Providence, I have confidence being a strong analyzer, thinker that you won’t be pulled into the “lock step” party politics. God bless you for telling your story — as I consider the candidates, I will keep my heart and mind open as well to God’s leading as facts and so-called “facts” present themnselves.

  85. Providence,

    Thank you very much for sharing. Too many people (black and white alike) have no idea of the history of this country and instead are saddled with ignorance about politics. I hope this opens the eyes of many.


    • That is a very unfortunate truth. Since the Federal Government took control of education, we have failed our children in our history

  86. Providence Crowder,

    Excellent! Thank you so much for this factually informative, well written and easily understood essay. I can only hope that everyone has the same reaction that I have when reading this. I also have been a life long Democrat that has recently taken an interest in the Tea Party Movement. Your article should be required reading for everyone.
    Thank you again.

    Cindy Wolf

  87. This was so well written. It says everything that I have felt and believed once I realized how the welfare system works. Although I am Mexican, ethnically I am more Caucasian and so saying these things to my black friends creates in me a fear of being called racist.Just last night I debated with an old friend about how the welfare system hurts the poor and working class and when I wanted to talk about the effect welfare has on the mentality and on the families of those who rely on government, I backed away, only stating that I shouldn’t comment because it comes across as insensitive and that I believe in the ability of people to rise above their situation.

    Thank you for this becuase you have summed up in this article, EXACTLY why I am a conservative. And like you, I feel pressure from my Mexican-American family to vote Democrats because that is what all good Mexicans do, but also like you, it was because of my Christian beliefs that I realized it is important who we vote for becuase a vote for the wrong person could mean voting against my family values.

  88. Thank you. This article should be a required study in every grade of every school in America. I’m not sure if they will allow it but, I am going to bring it up with my local educators.

  89. Dear Ms. Crowder,

    I just finished reading your very interesting article. I would like you to know that I was born and raised Democrat too. I am White. I am now a conservative, and my parents were changing somewhat. My thoughts, and I know those of my parents were that democrats were for the poor people and the Republicans were for the rich people. I too have learned a lot. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  90. Ms. Crowder, Thank you for this article that I so enjoyed reading. In reading it, I noted that you strayed outside the box, and began thinking for yourself, causing you to do your own research. We as Americans, black and white, for 100 years have been tought what to think, not HOW to think. Philosophy is not taught in school and as consequence, Americans do not understand fundamentals of thinking such as reality, law of causeality, or laws of existence.As consiquence of that, Americans embrace contradictions and attempt to live outside the realm of reality. This is our problem in a nutshell, and appears to be the condition you describe concerning your past. Todays Democrat values mirror Marxist values and I believe thier greatest fear is that someone, such as you, will notice and begin to shine the light of day upon it. (as you are) This is why Democrats do not want thinking people. As you wrote, “Knowlege is power”. If our two races, and others who have joined us in this great experiment, do not unite and become AMERICANS togeather, I fear our Liberty is lost. Division is a devistating weapon, and the power craving Marxists play it well. Keep doing what you are doing, best of luck, and God bless. Jimmy

  91. Yours is an excellent, well thought out, inspirational article. Thank you. We can all learn from your experiences.

  92. Wow! That was a great testimony. I went through the same thing. I left the Democratic Party recently (and any hopes of elective office in East Harlem) because the Democratic Party has become the party that supports immorality, abortion, same sex (psuedo) marriage, unfair taxes, and disrespect for people who hold opposing views. Jose B. Rivera

  93. Awesome article and references that I will be using. My granddaughter has black heritage and I want her to learn about the history and not look to those in entertainment for someone to look up to. I also don’t want her to believe the lies that are told to young people both black and white.

    Thank you,

    T. Shannon Ward

  94. This is a beautifully delivered testimony. I am moved by it. The Alaskan Natives (of which I am) and Native Americans suffer the same delima. I wish with all my heart that they too would have their eyes openned. Too often their leaders are looking for handouts from the government and have trained the people to vote democrat just as your community has. I too became a conservative as I grew in my faith. I also see my people enslaved and American Indians enslaved. My heart is broken and my voice is unheard against the ears of these people.

  95. Thank you, Providence, for an excellent and highly educational article.

    Your written piece reminds me of a meeting I recently attended that was keynoted by black American and Ragingelephants.org spokesman Apostle Claver. A highly engaging and charismatic speaker, Claver is currently starring in several Raging Elephants online ads (example below). I highly recommend exploring this organization, which was launched to educate black Americans about the realities of the Republican and Democratic parties.

    Providence, much like Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” you are a highly intelligent woman who escaped the confines of groupthink, embraced the truth as you perceived it, and have courageously chosen to communicate your discovery to the world.

    Magnificent job, young lady.

    Raging Elephants ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJhD5hLlUGQ

  96. Just wonted to say this is the best article I’ve read in such a long time. I have to say that every word touched me. I have delt with issues in my family and have tried to voice my views in a respectful way but no one seems to care about the truth only their opinion. I look forward to sharing this in the hopes that your words have an affect that mine could not!! Thank you so very much for sharing …

  97. Excellent testimony, well written and profoundly true. The truth will indeed set you free.

    Thank you for your diligence and thank you for your pride. Thank you for speaking out and I hope you continue to do so.

    Let freedom ring,
    Rebecca ~

  98. Thank you for such a thoughtful article so honestly written. I was also “raised” Democrat and I am a Southern white woman. Democrat in my household meant “against black people”. Fortunately for me, I had some very loving and honest black women in my life during my childhood. These were ladies who came to our home and babysat us and cleaned house while my parents worked. I had questions and they had answers. I knew there was nothing to hate about the black race, but I was also afraid to speak up until I was older.I do not demonize all people who are in the Democratic party. What I hate is the worship of politics regardless of party. I loved it when you said “no political party is a savior”; I would add that government is not our provider, God is. Thanks for this article, you did a good job.

    • I read your article with great interest. Like Gail, who wrote a comment above, I too, was raised in a staunchly Democratic household and my path was almost identical to yours (the writer – Providence) in coming to the Republican party! But from the white perspective. I found it quite illuminating, fascinating, and informative. And at the same time, I felt you could have been writing about me. Great article! Needs more exposure.

    • I think all people, regardless of color or lack of it, should read this. This woman is strong, independent and intelligent. If I’m correct, then she could influence people to do a lot of good, no matter the issue.

  99. What an awesome article, well done.
    Thank you for sharing.You may have missed your calling, ever think of writing a book? If you do let me know as I would love to read it.

    Carol Hicks

    • This is a wonderful article. I was a Democrat but voted my heart..not my party. I am now a Republican as I can no longer except what the Democrats are doing to our wonderful country. God Bless you for this article! I have shared with everyone I know!

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