Egyptian Soccer Riot Kills 74 and Injures a Thousand

Egyptian Soccer Riot Kills 74 and Injures a Thousand

by Mack Rights

This is what you get when Obama takes over foreign policy. Back when the Egyptians were being controlled by Mubarak, a dictator needed to control the peoples’ basest instincts, this might not have happened. But Obama, who while he doesn’t feel that American Christians deserve to right to worship as they please, feels that the radical Muslim states do. As a result, his Muslim Brotherhood buddies have taken over Egypt, and this is the nonsense the rest of the world has to see.

Don't worry Nancy. We'll force those Christians to pay for abortion. We'll sully their souls one way or another.

Obama gives his little Pelosi and her posse of shrews the right to infringe upon the Christian’s desire not to fund abortion, but promotes the Islamist movement all over the world. If he’s re-elected, even our prime-time television shows will eventually be infested with Muslim propaganda.

Since Hollywood can no longer write anything new and innovative without trying to re-imagine a show or movie from a previous decade, we’re bound to get the Muslim version of Bob Newhart’s Newhart. I’m not sure what they’ll call it, but it will be about a Muslim-family-run hotel in a seamy section of Dearborn, Michigan and how they’re forced to cater to the filthy infidel Americans. In every episode, three scraggly Muslim men will show up in a scene. The one will say, “I’m Mohammed. This is my brother Mohammed, and this is my other brother Mohammed.” That will be the only “funny” part of the whole show, but if you laugh, the local Imam will find out through the video camera on your cable box that tracks your activities for the googlegovernment, and he will come over and slit your throat. “Islam’s not funny infidel.”

And after they’ve run out of viewers because the ones that laughed are dead and the ones that didn’t laugh won’t watch the show, the studio will try to cancel it.  Then a studio exec or two will get his throat cut.  Democrats need to quit trying to change religions by telling them how they should be.  Muslims need to riot and kill themselves, and no propaganda TV show is going to change that.  Christians need to not be funding the baby genocide.  That way no one gets killed, except for those that die in the riots of course, but that’s how they roll.

Unlike Islam, Nancy Pelosi is funny. Look at that 95-year-old lady’s face. If she gets her skin pulled any tighter, we’ll be able to sew her lips shut and use her face as a drum. Ba-dump, dump.


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