Some Things Worth Looking At Part 2

Some Things Worth Looking At Part 2

By Mack Rights

In Michigan, at a football game between some Muslim students and a Lutheran High School, during the last play of the game, the Lutheran quarterback was kneeling on the ball to end the game in victory.  The Muslim students knew he was kneeling down, the ref had told everyone so and that there’d be no play.  But the Muslim students busted through the passive offensive line and gave the Lutheran quarterback a concussion.  The Muslims were given misdemeanors initially, but the Arab American Civil Rights League and the Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations intimidated the judge into throwing out the charges.  “According to David Wood, at the Answering Muslims website, the message to Muslims from the judge was clear: ‘If you’re getting humiliated by a Christian football team (e.g., losing 47-6), feel free to punish the infidels.’”  Welcome to 2nd-class-citizen status America.  The Muslims are your overlords.


President Obama says that the Republicans want to poison our kids.  The Republican response should be: “Yeah, but you want them to live with homosexuals.”  President Obama is a child, but he thinks you’re stupid.


Here’s a Reuters story.  Remember, Reuters is supposed to be an objective news service.  It does say “analysis,” but who’s paying them for analysis?  “Analysis:  Justice Kagan—Giving liberals a rhetorical lift.”  It’s a fawning piece of pap about a Supreme Court half-wit who’s only there because she helped craft the argument for Obamacare for President Obama.  There’s so much of her stink all over the Obamacare legislation that many court experts agree she should have recused herself.  But Reuters reports about the Obamacare hearing at the Supreme Court:  “She pressed her argument as ardently as any lawyer who stepped to the lectern.”  I thought her job was to hear arguments, not make them.  Read the whole thing if you can stomach it.


The GSA (General Services Administration) is in charge of purchasing stuff for the government.  They get a budget that gets increased every year.  However, because they have to use all of their budget to justify the following year’s increase, they have short cuts.  Instead of buying 5000 nice desks that no one needs, they’ll buy 50 really expensive ones- less paperwork.  Since no one needs these desks or whatever they bought, they often are then given to non-profit organizations, most of which are liberal lobbying organizations that lobby the government to increase taxes and make government bigger at the expense of the naïve taxpayer who has to work harder for less.  Or the crap sits around in warehouses collecting dust.  In any case, here is one of their employees doing a rap mocking the taxpayer.  The government is run by people who hate you.  But other than that, it is a good little rap video.


WND reports:  “Responding to criticism from the left-wing watchdog site Media Matters, Fox News Channel management says it ‘addressed’ a ‘mistake’ by a news anchor who asked her Twitter followers to weigh in on a claim by an insider in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign that the Obama camp threatened Chelsea Clinton’s life if her parents exposed what they knew about Obama’s presidential eligibility.”  This leads to two stories and interviews with folks close to the Hillary campaign who relate first-hand the things the campaign had to deal with in regards to the thuggery from the Obama campaign.  There were actually two people who died in the same week who were supposed to present petitions on behalf of Hillary.  After the murder and sudden heart attack of the other, those petitions were never presented.  I don’t know what to say other than read the stories and watch the interviews yourself.  Do I doubt Obama’s a thug?  No.  But am I surprised that he’s so good at it that the Clinton’s backed down (think Vince Foster)?  A little.  Fox News Smacks Anchor for Tweeting WND Video and Hillary Supporter’s Untold Obama Horror Stories- Allegations of intimidation, manipulation, sudden death.


President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has just granted certain illegal immigrants “unlawful presence waivers,” which means that if they can prove they have a relative that’s a US citizen, they won’t get deported.  It’s also amnesty to an extent. “The administration says that relaxing the rule will also ‘create efficiencies for both the U.S. government and most applicants.’”  Of course it will.  When you decide not to enforce the law and determine that the goal of zero deportations is appropriate, how can anyone claim the system’s inefficient?  With a government that sets goals that are impossible not to meet because meeting them involves doing nothing, can we as taxpayers just get rid of the Department of Homeland Security?  Or how about making paying taxes optional?


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