Some Things Worth Looking At Part 4

Some Things Worth Looking At Part 4

By Mack Rights



James O’Keefe was responsible for proving on videotape repeatedly that Planned Parenthood was more than willing to aid and abet those who’d run the sex trade for underage prostitutes in need of abortions.  Now, he’s gotten videotaped proof that, due to the fact that one doesn’t need to show an ID to vote, it is easy to steal someone’s vote.  Without even saying he was Attorney General Eric Holder, an undercover white guy was offered our Attorney General’s voting ballot.  The videotape then goes on to show AG Holder saying that there’s no need whatsoever to be concerned about voter fraud.  Of course there’s not if you’re a Democrat.  The Democrats live by voter fraud, and that is why they refuse to require that voters have a photo ID before being given a ballot.  The cat’s out of the bag Democrats.  You’re into voter fraud, and you protect it because you approve of it.  Check out the video below and John Fund as well.



Andrew C. McCarthy writes about the Obama administration’s quiet release of $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt.  These are the same terrorists that visited the White House last week and the same terrorists who launched a missile into Israel for Passover last week.  This was a quiet funding of terrorists for obvious reasons, so quiet that one had to refer to a Kuwaiti news organization to get the info.  Let’s consider the implications.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a sworn enemy of America and especially Israel.  They’ve sworn to wipe Israel off the map.  President Obama just borrowed $1.5 billion dollars our government doesn’t have and gave it to terrorists who promise to make Israel disappear.  80% of the Jews in America voted for President Obama.  If they hold to their motto “Never Again,” can they vote for President Obama’s reelection, knowing that Obama has just funded the same terrorists who’ve sworn that they would finish Hitler’s eradication of the Jews from the earth?  If you know a liberal Jew who seems impossible to talk politics with, make him or her aware of this.  It probably won’t help, but it doesn’t hurt.  Israel’s existence may depend upon Obama losing some voters.  I know from personal experience that it’s very tough to talk sense to your liberal Jewish friends.  They take offense at anything conservative and start treating you like an anti-Semite, but there’s nothing anti-Semitic about trying to save Israel.  Call them on that.  With this fact alone, voting for Obama’s reelection is more anti-Semitic than trying to save Israel.  Do it for Israel.


The Washington Free Beacon did a story called Minority Report- Stunning Lack of Diversity in Obama Campaign, Photos Reveal.  The photos from the campaign show very, very few black folks.  After reading the story and looking at the links, one has to ask: is this because blacks don’t care if Obama gets reelected, or is this because Obama doesn’t trust blacks to carry his water?  Are blacks, who are way more unemployed than whites percentagewise, not good enough to be hired by President Obama when it comes to the thing he cares about most in the world- his own reelection?  Just asking.


This is great.  Just when you want to have all unionized government workers fired, we get this from the Chicago teacher’s union that’s about to go on strike if they don’t get a 30% pay raise.  By the way, Rochester’s last superintendant is now the superintendant of Chicago.  Rochester’s City School system is rated 431 out of 431 school systems outside of NYC, and our old superintendant got a huge pay raise for taking the job in the city of the President.  Jean-Claude Brizard was born in Haiti.  I don’t believe that Brizard’s successor, Bolgen Vargas, was born in the US either- for him, English is a second language.  Does that mean the superintendent’s job in Rochester, NY is another one of those jobs that Americans won’t do?  Off topic I know.  In any case, one of the brilliant lights in the Chicago union racket had this to say: “If charter schools were so good, why didn’t the white folks keep them for themselves?”  Kyle Olson writes: “I couldn’t make this kind of nonsense up. It’s all here on a video produced by It’s breathtaking to watch such ignorance masquerade as professionalism. We can only hope this person is not a teacher and not responsible for educating children in any way.”  My answer to her question is this.  Whites don’t need them as much as blacks, because whites left the inner cities.  However, due to home devaluation and high unemployment, many inner city blacks cannot afford to make the moves necessary to get their children better educations.  Wise up union worker, the world doesn’t revolve around you, you don’t deserve a 30% pay raise as much as you deserve a pink slip due to the fact that the schools suck, and you are doing no good whatsoever keeping inner city blacks in failing schools.  Join the Frederick Douglass Foundation’s Underground Railroad.  Email us at

Help us save kids from innercity schools.


I used to love Arby’s, but this story prevents me from eating there.  Arby’s dropped their advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show because of a manufactured story about some Democrat operative who has so much sex in law school that she thinks her Catholic law school’s healthcare system should pay her for her contraception.  In other words, she wanted to be paid to have sex.  Rush pointed that out, and Arby’s joined the progressive bandwagon.  They must be punished.  Stop eating at Arby’s.  In fact, if you’re bored, go to an Arby’s with a note printed up, stand in line and hand them a note.  It should read: “I wanted to eat here, I planned to spend money here, but you stopped advertising on Rush Limbaugh.  Now I hope you go out of business and lose your job.”  I know, that’s rough, but it will send a message.  Don’t mess with conservatives.  This fascist movement to shut down conservative voices needs to stop, and we must hurt those who let politics serve as their guide as to whom they’d shut up.  Down with Arby’s now.

Obama’s Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright admits that his buddy President Obama is a liar.  He bragged that Obama wasn’t the passive parishoner that President Obama claimed to be when he said that, while he sat in Wright’s church for twenty years, he never heard the things the pastor was saying.  Watch the minute video.

The New Black Panther Party gives a hate-filled speech calling for violence over the Trayvon Martin killing.  This is going to get bad.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R.-Calf.) wants to fix the way the government measures unemployment.  He wants to add in those that are unemployed but have given up on looking for work.  The real unemployment rate, including those as well as those underemployed (working only part time but in need of more work) would be nearer to 19% than to the official rate of 8.2%.  The sad fact is, once the unemployment funds run out and there’s still no job, these folks disappear off the unemployment rolls.  They’re still unemployed, but the government euphemizes their situation as, “they’ve stopped looking for work.”  Whether they have or not, they’re still unemployed, and Obama, the jobs president, has failed them.  Kudos to Rep. Duncan Hunter for drawing attention to this problem.


Heres’s a story:  American Universities Infected by Foreign Spies Detected by FBI.  Of course they are.  But how many domestic spies are there?  I bet you they outnumber the foreign spies by a factor of 10.  The universities of this country are run by people who hate this country, and that’s why so many your kids come out of college a bunch of godless, dirt-worshiping, pagan, tree-hugging, cross-cursing, drug-addicted, church-burning, vegetable-eating, pinked-out socialist punks.


It’s official.  When it comes to making sure citizens can get energy at reasonable prices, President “I’m not a Muslim, but I’d rather send American dollars to Muslim countries than drill in America” Obama is officially worse than President “turn down your thermostat and wear a sweater” Carter.  Gas prices are up 103.79% under Obama while, under Carter, they were only up 103.77%.  Democrats are bad for your pocket book.  Inflation is the best way to increase taxes without voting to do so.  Lenin taught the Democrats that.  Higher fuel prices cause inflation.  The Democrats hate you.




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