You’ve Gotta Read This 4-20 Part 2

You’ve Gotta Read This 4-20 Part 2

By Mack Rights

Here’s a great write up about the inept affidavit in the Trayvon Martin case.  If you want to know why this will probably turn out badly, read Andrew McCarthy.

Speaking of Al Sharpton.  Did you know he was a Reverend?  Here he compares the killing of Trayvon Martin to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Did I mention that Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has nothing but praise for this “man of God?”  I don’t mean to belittle the death of Trayvon, but get a grip.  He’s not the Son of God.

Hillary is at her Jew hating again in Tunisia.  At a town hall meeting in Tunisia, as reported by Andrew McCarthy:


In a story that’s gotten very little attention, involving a town hall meeting in Tunisia last weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was asked how the U.S. could expect people in Muslim countries like Tunisia and Egypt to trust American politicians given that, during the U.S. election season, those politicians cozy up to their “enemy” (in context, an obvious reference to Israel) and “run towards the Zionist lobbies”).


Mrs. Clinton responded that she thought this was “a fair question.” Really? And the answer to this fair question? Madame Secretary explained that these Muslims who regard Israel as their enemy should understand that “a lot of things are said in political campaigns that should not bear a lot of attention.” She also thought they’d find it comforting that President Obama “will be reelected president” and that if people in Tunisia and Egypt just “watch what President Obama says and does” they’ll realize they don’t need to worry.


Appalling but, by now, not surprising. See CNS News, here, for transcript.

Again liberal Jews, when will you wake up?  The Obama administration mocks you when it thinks you aren’t paying attention.  Or maybe you agree that Israel shouldn’t exist, and that’s why you support this gang of “Israel cursing” Jew-haters that run the Obama administration.  Remember that God blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse the Jews.  You may be liberal first and Jewish second, but that rationalization won’t work when Israel is nuked and someone asks you what you did to stop the second Holocaust.  “I voted for Obama” isn’t going to cut it liberal.  Get on the right side of history now.

I’ve just spent a bit of time writing about how the Obama State Department is gearing up for the slaughter of the Jews in Israel, but I shouldn’t forget to cover their willful blindness to the Islamist slaughter of Christians in the lands of the supposed Arab Spring.  This, along with church burnings, is going on regularly.  Read this whole piece by Nina Shea.  Here’s just a sample:

In recent years, we’ve begun to brace ourselves for news of bombings, burnings, and other attacks on churches full of Christian worshipers on religious holy days — for example, in Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ethiopia. This violence comes out of the growing community of Salafi Muslims, adherents of the radical brand of Islam that is Saudi Arabia’s official doctrine and which Saudi Arabia exports throughout the Sunni world. We’ve also come to expect the willful blindness of the Obama administration about the religious implications of these horrific events. Last weekend’s Easter Sunday was no exception.


On Easter morning, a Protestant church in Kaduna, Nigeria, was targeted by a suicide car bombing that killed 39 and wounded dozens, apparently the handiwork of Boko Haram, the Salafi network whose stated aim is to turn Africa’s largest country into a sharia state. Last Christmas, Boko Haram had bombed St. Theresa’s Catholic Church outside the capital Abuja killing 44 worshipers, as well as attacked various Christian churches in the towns of Jos, Kano, Gadaka, and Damaturu.


Four days have now passed and there has been no official comment from the Obama administration about this most recent monstrous example of anti-Christian persecution. However, on April 8, that is, Easter, Secretary Clinton did manage to issue one press release. It announced that “today we celebrate the history, impact and culture of Romani people” (formerly called “gypsies”), and inveighed against Europe, demanding that it become “more inclusive.” But for the northern Nigerian Christians savagely attacked on one of their most important religious days, there has not been a word of condolence.


Even worse, the day after the Nigeria church bombing, at a forum on U.S. policy toward Nigeria held at Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson — overlooking Boko Haram’s self-proclaimed identity, pattern of behavior, statements and very name, which means “Western education is a sin” — publicly denied that Boko Haram has religious motives. He went out of his way to stress: “Religion is not driving extremist violence in . . . northern Nigeria.”

Read the whole thing.  That’s just the first four paragraphs, and if you think the rest can’t be worse or as bad, trust me, it is.

Intermission for your viewing pleasure.

Comrade Bloomberg, little dictator of NYC, said that the Stand your Ground law of Florida is an excuse for “vigilante justice.”  After an absurd statement by a panty-wearing New York City vegetable eater who’s so small that he couldn’t shoot a gun without being knocked over like a toddler holding the leash of a starving Saint Bernard in a room full of lunch meats, Robert Verbruggen prints the short text of the Stand Your Ground Law.  Go back to food nazi-ing the fun out of life in NYC, but leave the rest of us alone Bloomberg.  Incidentally, I smoked a cigar at Gracie Mansion early in Bloomberg’s reign.  This was after he violated our property rights by passing a law preventing smoking in privately owned bars and restaurants.  Granted, I’m no Willie Nelson, who smoked a joint at the White House when Carter was president, but take that anyway Bloomberg.  It’s freedom comrade.  Quit taking if from us.

Kirk Cameron must be doing something right.  As a man willing to stand up for his Christianity, he’s a target of the rest of the perverts in Hollywood.  Here, former 80’s teen stars, probably having trouble finding work unlike Cameron, have done a “funny or die” clip mocking him for being a Christian.  I vote “Die.”  The only thing funny about it is that they sport a smug pride in their faux cleverness.

This is just disgusting, but what do you expect from the liberals who support Obama.  They are all a bunch of perverts trying to get your children ready for an orgy.  This is from HBO, the same network that shows Real Time with Bill Maher- a million dollar supporter of Obama who says the vilest things about conservative women because he hates God and they don’t.  Warning, this is a graphic photo, but in order to know what we’re up against, check it out.  “HBO Broadcasts Young Girl Sucking on Huge Plastic Penis Cup.”

A college professor and black activist Dr. Boyce Watkins says that Trayvon Martin’s parents should “step to the side” so they can politicize his death.  Is that the definition of justice professor?



One thought on “You’ve Gotta Read This 4-20 Part 2

  1. Well as usual I disagree about foreign policy. If we had condemned Mubarak a decade ago, our form of government would enjoy more support, but it’s like we jumped on the democracy bandwagon only after the Egyptians had ousted the dictator themselves. They turn to the Islamists because they don’t see what we see here… for a long time they saw made-in-America weapons being used on them by Mubarak’s thugs, so what are they supposed to think about America and our way of life?

    We made a devil’s bargain to protect Israel, ironically. That never works out well in the long run. If we had insisted on democracy from day one, things might be different now, but we reap what we sow.

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