You’ve Gotta Read This 4/20 Part 1

You’ve Gotta Read This 4/20 Part 1

By Mack Rights

Vice President Biden tells a baby who was crying that it’s pretty smart to cry because it will have to pay for Mitt Romney’s tax cuts.  This is why Obama chose Biden.  He’s so dumb that even the worst Obama hater wouldn’t trade him for Obama.  No one pays for tax cuts.  Tax cuts are money that’s not stolen from the people by the parasites in government.  However, this baby will be paying for the debt service on Obama’s $5 trillion worth of debt.  Forget about paying back the debt.  That ain’t gonna happen.  America will collapse before $16 trillion in debt is paid back.  However the debt service will be paid for.  Grow up Biden.

Speaking of our half-wit VP, Biden called Senator Al Franken a “leading legal scholar.”  I beg to differ.  Al Franken traded his comedic talent for liberal anger.  He’s the Rosie O’Donnell of the Senate- an anger-addled child in a man’s body with a tinfoil hat in banging on his high chair because his mother will no longer breast fee him.  Again, grow up Biden.

State Rep. Chuck Kruger of Maine who is also the Democratic chairman of the Maine Legislature’s “Moderate” Caucus tweeted:  “Cheney deserves same final end as he gave Saddam.  Hope there are cellcams #cheney.”  In other words, for those who don’t understand the left’s language of twitter, he hopes that Cheney is hung and falls to the ground because his head comes off.  Keep classy moderate Democrats.  I wonder what the true Democrats in Maine hope for.

Here’s a great headline: “Staffer claims sexual harassment by NC Dem official; Party fears credibility ‘doomed.’”  After how the people of the Democrat Party treated all the women who were sexually harassed and raped by President Clinton, I find it hilarious that they think they still have credibility.  If you don’t remember who Clinton raped, look up Juanita Broderick.  Here’s her open letter to Old Lady Clinton.

It turns out that the head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano may have perjured herself in the hearings on “Fast and Furious.”  This is the program where he Obama Justice Department sold a bunch of guns to the Mexican Drug cartels so that the administration could later come up with an excuse to implement more gun control regulations.  Then when border agents started getting killed by the guns our own government sold to the cartels with the approval of AG Holder, it blew up in their face.  Nothing like a tyrannical gun-hating Democrat administration to give the folks a good reason to buy more guns.  Guess what.  Gun sales are through the roof.  It should be remembered that gun regulations were originally instituted by the KKK members of the Democrat Party to keep guns out of the hands of blacks.  So go buy guns before Obama strips them from you to make you helpless against their friends in the Mexican Drug cartels.

In 2011, the Obamas paid an “effective federal income tax rate of 20.5%.”  This happens to be a lower rate than his secretary paid.  For that, he wants to collect another 3 to 5 billion dollars a year by making a minimum tax rate of 30% for millionaires.  This is absurd of course, simply because 3 to 5 billion is borrowed every few hours by the government.  This involves changing dividend and capital gains tax rates by raising them for the people that have the money to get dividends and capital gains.  If they change those rates, wealthy people will invest less money, creating fewer jobs and therefore fewer taxpayers.  He calls it the Buffet Rule after Warren Buffet, who pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.  Here’s the truth behind why Buffet and Bill Gates support higher taxes.  Buffet owns a lot of insurance companies.  Insurance products are used to avoid paying taxes.  He makes money by creating a reason for people to do business with his companies instead of trying to make money by investing in business expansion and job creation.  Bill Gates supports it because his father is an estate attorney.  They make money helping wealthy folks avoid paying taxes.  Don’t think for a second that these people have some sort of good heart for the people of the country.  They care about themselves and not the folks who will be unemployed because running a business will no longer be as lucrative as stashing your money in insurance-based tax shelters.

It must be remembered that when her old man was the philanderer in chief, Hillary and her husband hosted the Palestinian terrorist in chief Arafat more than any other world leader.  She actually hugged Suewer Arafat- the first lady of the terrorist territory.  In any case, because the Palestinians are just bunch of Nazified Israeli-killing dogs, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL put a hold on the funds that go to the West Bank and Gaza.  In breaking with protocol, Hillary Clinton, Arabist crank that she is, is allowing the funds to flow against the hold the Congress has the right to install.  Obvious to anyone paying attention, these funds will help fortify the bellies of the terrorists who make it their daily duty to kill Jews.  Wake up liberal Jews who plan to vote for Obama’s reelection, you’ll be voting for the destruction of your people.  What happened to “Never Again?”

Attorney General Eric Holder has nothing but praise for Al Sharpton.  Al Sharpton is trying to make the Trayvon issue into a racial issue that may ultimately end in the deaths of many during the riots he’ll lead when and if Zimmerman is acquitted.  At the same time, Sharpton and Holder’s buddies in the New Black Panther Party have a bounty of $10,000 on the head of Zimmerman.  Holder, who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for intimidating white voters in Philly with weapons at the voting booth on the night of Obama’s ascension to the throne, has not said a negative word about this lawless act.  In essence, this is an act of approval for race riots and bounty hunting.  What happened to getting beyond race Obama?  I thought there was only one America.

Biden may misunderstand the meaning of paying for tax cuts vs. paying for deficit-spending-created debt service, but at least he and his old lady donated 1.5% of their income to charity.  Maybe he didn’t want to donate more because that would mean he’d get a tax write-off.  Besides, why in the world would he want to direct the use of his own money when the government can do it for him?  We all know that with Biden as VP, the government is excellent at figuring out how to spend tax dollars and borrowed dollars.

This is funny.  “LAPD Drops Transgender Pat-Downs, Eyes Separate Detention Space.”  I didn’t read the article.  I don’t even care what they have to say.  And I’m not even sure I care about separate detention space.  I think we should keep regular prisons safe from all the diseased rapes that come from the transgendered criminals or any criminals for that matter.  But here’s the question I have.  If you have a separate space, wouldn’t you need two separate spaces?  One for men who think they’re women and one for women who think they’re men?  Just asking.

Speaking of rapes by the sexually deranged, New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski fantasized out loud about what he would do to NY Jets QB Tim Tebow.  Camaraderie-based smack talk is fine, but this is a bit much.  Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that Tebow wouldn’t be caught dead with a porn star. Those dang old Christians are so uptight when it comes to things like that.  As a Bills fan, I hope Tebow gets the starting job in NY.  That godless city could use a miracle.

Speaking of race riots, some think that the Zimmerman case could be an October surprise.  No one in their right mind thinks they’ll convict him on 2nd Degree murder.  What happens if he’s acquitted right before the election?  I don’t know how it will play out, but I’d bet the Justice Department would step in at that point and try to make this a political play, whether justice is served or not.

This is funny too.  “Clinton Warns North Korea of UN Action if Rocket Launched.”  Sorry this is so late.  The rocket has been launched, it failed, but where’s the action?  Oh, sorry.  UN action?  The only thing the UN does is give people food paid for by money that the US borrows from China.  And then they diddle the children in every land they inhabit.  This gives you an idea of how impotent the Obama administration has made the US.  We have to resort to threatening to send in a bunch of blue-bereted internationally renowned pedophiles to feed our enemies.  Good one Hillary.  If you think that makes you sound tough, you’re sadly mistaken.


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