You’ve Gotta Read This 4-23

By Mack Rights

If this is what it's like to go off the grid, count me in.

Nancy Pelosi endorses an amendment that would abridge political speech by corporations as opposed to individuals.  This would definitely be a violation of the 1st Amendment because there should be no abridgement of political speech.  Nevertheless, socialists don’t want to hear the views of those that stand in their way of creating a fully socialist country.  Corporations are the foundation of the capitalist system and they must shut up.  Thanks Nancy for showing us that your true color is RED.

This is a great article on the curtailment of free speech due to the heavy influence of growing Muslim populations in countries that used to be our allies- Canada, France, the Netherlands.  We can ignore what’s happening in other countries for only so long.  Truth is, it’s coming here as well.  We must be ever vigilant against any curtailments of the liberties our Founding Fathers gave us.  Without free speech, how can we fight the curtailment of our other liberties?  If those who find speech uncomfortable and therefore illegal do not like free speech, then they should live in a country where there is not free speech.  They should not be comfortable in America.

This is pretty fascinating, especially coming from the liberal media.  The Atlantic has dug up some writing about Hitler from 1932.  This is “10 things you should know about Hitler predictions.”  To all those who pretend that Hitler was a capitalist because he didn’t like the Communists, even in 1932 they knew he was a socialist.  Capitalists don’t use the government to nationalize industry.  Either way, history repeats itself.  Even in 1932, some writers could see what Hitler was all about, but it was still ignored.  Sound familiar?

Mia Love, the daughter of Haitian immigrants is running for Congress in Utah on the Republican Ticket.  We love Mia Love. 

A Pew Poll says that Conservatives are “better informed, most consistent and more open-minded.”  This makes sense simply because liberals can’t argue against conservatism because they aren’t open-minded enough to even know what conservatism is.  They view life as that which revolves around themselves, and since they, as liberals, are perfectly perfect, anything not liberal must be evil.  It’s hard to be open-minded when super-self-esteem projects like liberals already think they know everything.  Already knowing everything, they spend very little time learning anything.  The liberals at Pew must have had trouble publishing that one.

“Indiana Union Claims Right-to-Work is Slavery.”  Sounds pretty crazy huh.  Right-to-work laws allow people to work certain jobs, even if they are not a member of the union.  They would get paid the prevailing union wage, but they aren’t forced to give up a part of their wages to fund the unions and the Democrat Party that the unions fund.  Unions don’t like this because that means less money for them and for the Democrat Party.  Republicans like right-to-work laws because it enables conservatives to work jobs they wouldn’t work because they don’t want to be coerced into donating to the Democrat Party as a requirement of having the job- something every union worker in the country is coerced into doing

Those, in favor of redefining marriage for homosexuals over the Word of God, are “Carpetbombing Marriage in North Carolina.”  Maggie Gallagher of NOM writes that they’re saying that protecting marriage means that heterosexuals will be stripped of domestic-violence protections.  Does anyone believe that, in order to save marriage in NC, they’re going to allow men to beat women?  If the homosexuals will say this to get something they don’t really want in any large numbers- gay marriage- imagine what they’ll say to get your children in to bed once they’ve lowered the age of consent.  A liar doesn’t need to tell the truth when no one’s there to call him out on it.

Another thing to watch regarding the union labor laws is the Senate vote on the Resolution of Disapproval over the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) attempt to make it just about impossible for a company to fight the unionization of its workforce.  This insidious rule by a bunch of unelected union thugs would kill job growth, bankrupt some corporations and slow the growth of earning of companies attacked.  Coercion is the currency of socialism.  Without it, socialism is broke.

When doing a cost-benefit analysis regarding the pursuit of a $50,000 a year college education, families should know about this stat.  “About 1.5 million, or 53.6%, of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed, the highest share in 11 years.”  At some point, Big Education will have to come up with a better reason for people to spend $200,000 in four years as it tries to justify its annual cost increase of 6%.  Taking on that kind of debt without a tangible asset will make less sense as the ability to get a job that will handle the debt service becomes harder and harder.  Thanks Obamacare.

Obama has been caught with an $8 billion dollar slush fund that will help hide an awful aspect of Obamacare from voters for another year.  These supposedly hidden and now discovered funds will take care of the cuts to Medicare Advantage for one more year so that Obama can get into office without you realizing he screwed you.  Wake up old people.  He’s planning on killing you off by letting you die by withholding of medical care through cuts in expenditures that he denies are there.  But they’re there.  If Obamacare lives, you die- not immediately, but sooner than if Obamacare is killed.  That’s another aspect of socialism.  Coercion plays a role, but when it starts failing to fund itself, socialist systems inevitably have to kill off its obligations.  And when the promise of health care is an obligation, killing off those who need it then becomes a business decision.  Out of sight out of mind.  Think about Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, the killing fields of Cambodia, North Vietnam…  There have been over a 150 million people gassed, killed, slaughtered and starved in the name socialism in just the last century.  One of the first things they promise is always “free healthcare for everyone.”  But the government can always take away from you that which they gave to you.

Here’s a great little interpretation of how getting rid of racial preferences in the University of California admissions in 1996 has actually helped blacks and Hispanics.  The AP seems to pretend there’s a problem, but when one looks a little closer, one finds the truth.

“Twitter Buzzes with Talk of Zimmerman Riots” and with killing Zimmerman.  This could get really bad.




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