You’ve Gotta Read This 4-26 part 1

You’ve Gotta Read This 4-26 part 1

Rep. Allen West warns, “If I were the Devil” by Paul Harvey, Mitt Romney hires a gay radical, Muslim Brotherhood is into necrophilia, Obama finds another way to screw us, Sebelius ignores Constitution, Mitch McConnell is a liberal, the Democrats scrub monument of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. of God, liberals want to outlaw psychotherapy for gays, Spain is unemployed. 

By Mack Rights

Rep. Allen West discusses how political correctness is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to influence our nation and our government.


This is Paul Harvey’s warning to America back in 1965.  Listen to every word.  He hits it dead on.  This is 1965.

Mitt Romney has appointed Richard Grenell as a foreign-policy spokesman. If our foreign policy is to redefine marriage on behalf of queers the world over, then this is acceptable. But as you can see here, Grenell is a radical gay-marriage activist who told a gay blogger at the Washington Post: “im an activist looking to make sure you and I get equal protection from the liberal media. I out hypocrites… you didn’t stand up to power but sipped wine instead.” In the meantime, since he’s been appointed, he’s been scrubbing his twitter accounts of proof of his gay radicalism. Fire Him Now Romney. The government is no place for people that hate America this much.

Speaking of sexual deviants, Mark Steyn reports on an article “Sex after death: women protest Farewell Intercourse Law.”  This law allows Egyptian husbands to have sex with their dead wives for up to six hours after they’ve died. This is a law proposed by Obama’s friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. It also lowers the minimum age of marriage to 14 and gets rid of those pesky women’s rights that allow them to get an education and employment. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood was just given a billion and a half dollars by the Obama administration when they visited Obama in the White House, a place where Obama refuses to meet with Republican lawmakers. Obama’s buddies are into necrophilia, and that’s just fine with him I guess. It kind of makes sense. He’s always trying to screw us any way he can. His Muslim Brotherhood buddies have shown him a new way.

Andrew McCarthy draws our attention to an article from last year where an Imam in Morocco “issued a fatwa stating that necrophilia is ‘Halal,’” which is the Islamic word for kosher. This Imam points to a specific Koranic verse to make his case. Why is it that feminists vote for the same party as religiously as the Muslims do?- because my friends, the Muslims are actually for equal rights (from the article in bold): “He said that the woman also has the same right but failed to explain how a woman can manage to perform sex with the corpse of her dead husband.” So Islam is a quite the feminist religion. I wonder what their position is on dead gay lovers.

Regarding the mandate that everyone own a health insurance policy that covers contraception, sterilization and abortion drugs, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius “admits she did not consult Supreme Court decisions on religious liberty to have a legal memo prepared before she drafted the mandate.” Of course she didn’t. Mandates are extra Constitutional, traditionally favored by dictatorial regimes. The Constitution was written to protect us from that kind of regime, but what would the baby killer Sebelius know about that?

When you’re wondering why Republican voters even bother, look no further than Red State’s Erick Erickson’s coverage of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Once you do, you’ll agree with what I’m about to say: Resign now Mitch McConnell. Pretend you’re Japanese and fall on the sword. You’re an embarrassing My Little Pony loving wussified panty-wearing liberal.

I touched on this the other day. The liberals made a monument to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Washington Mall. Even though he was a Reverend whose philosophy, words and deeds were inspired by God, there is not one mention of God on his monument. This is a Soviet-style truth scrubbing that deserves much more attention. Here Ken Blackwell gives it some attention:

As G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Once abolish the God, and the Government becomes the God.” And ironically, by eliminating religion, the secular left is using the force of law to build its own type of warped, unholy church which is highly dogmatic and mandates participation under the threat of force.

In California, the liberals have “introduced a bill to ban psychotherapy designed to alter ‘sexual orientation.’” First, it would require a person over 18 to sign a consent form that acknowledges that they seek the treatment. However, not even parents would be able to authorize the therapy for their own children under the age of 18. Children under 18 can get an abortion without consent of parents, but they will not be able to get their own heads examined if they decide they want to get rid of certain homosexual yearnings. In other words, homosexuals want the right to recruit Christian children at scout camps, in schools, in churches, in recreation centers and just about anywhere. But, they do not want anybody recruiting them back into normal society. Here’s an interesting thought though. They say it’s impossible to change a gay’s sexual orientation because gays are supposedly born that way, but if they actually believed that, why would they oppose the therapy so much?

To look at America’s future on the path that Obama has us on, I’ll have you look at Spain. The unemployment rate hit 24.4%, and, for those under 25, it is now 52%. Socialism kills jobs and people.

Obama misquotes another Republican in hopes that, by demonizing the good people in America, he’ll make himself appear better. The liberal media ignores.


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