White on Black Homicides: Epidemic or Liberal Fiction?



I am still in the process of conducting research for the next two questions from black & white people for my blog series The Top 10 Things Black & White People Want To Know About One Another, But Won’t Ask” however, my mind is always busy with thoughts of things to share with you all, so this post is the result of such introspection. For the life of me, I could not understand why Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton just had to get involved in the Trayvon Martin death but I wasn’t too surprised. I’m not alone in this, because so many people dislike the way their presence is equivalent to pouring gas onto an already raging fire. There’s the media circus, exaggerations & lies, the trumped up racism charges – it really gets ugly for no good reason.

These two race-baitors, though they liken themselves to the leadership of MLK Jr. are charlatan “civil rights leaders” who somehow got stuck in that section of the time portal known as the 1960′s & can’t get out. Now some of my liberal friends have told me “but Talitha, that’s what they do, they are civil rights leaders who have chosen to fight white racism…etc” – Okay, I’m actually going to agree with them on that <sighs>. My problem is that if this is what they do for a living – fight white racist violence and host rallies whenever white people kill black people (because you all know that a white person couldn’t possibly kill a black person for any reason other than racism right?), either one of two things must take place. They must make a ton of money each time a hate crime happens, because they don’t happen that frequently, so they must milk the heck out of the hate crime killing cows when they happen to sustain themselves until the next one occurs. Or, they must make a ton of money from a large number of hate crime cases – trumped up ones mind you, because homicides involving hate crimes again, does not happen frequently at all. I think the latter scenario is true and these two men, as well as others, enjoy constantly ripping the “band-aid” from the wound of racism in this country and they are doing the black community no good service at all. As I was looking into the statistics for just how frequently hates crimes (in general & of a homicidal nature) occurred in the US, I came across this information from the Huffington Post. The article starts off with:

“Blacks were the group most likely to be the targets of race-based hate crimes, according to a new federal report.

The report, compiled by the FBI’s civil rights division,found that the large majority of racial bias crimes were “motivated by anti-black bias.” Latinos were the targets of 66 percent of all hate crimes motivated by ethnicity or national origin. Jews were the targets of most crimes against religious groups, and most crimes against a particular sexual orientation or gender were motivated by “anti-homosexual male bias.”

Then goes on to say:

“The number of hate crimes remained essentially flat between 2009 and 2010. There were 6,628 hate crimes reported in 2010, up very slightly from 6,604 in 2009. About 47 percent of all the reported hate crimes were racially motivated, with 20 percent motivated by religion, 19.3 percent motivated by sexual orientation, and 12.8 percent motivated by nationality.”

Now you have to carefully peruse these articles on such topics from liberal leaning websites. I find it very ironic that although they tell us that blacks were the group most likely to be targets of race-based hate crimes, they are very careful not to tell us what the percentage of black victims is. They do however, tell us that Hispanics are 66% of all hate crimes motivated by ethnicity, and if you click the link cited in the article, you learn that 12.8% of the 6,624 hate crimes in 2010 were motivated by ethnicity. This means that (let’s do a little math) approximately 861 hate crimes were motivated by ethnicity or nationality AND approximately 568 hates crimes were committed against Hispanic persons for being Hispanic. Now what the brilliant journalists of the Huffington Post don’t tell us, is the percentage of black victims of hate crimes for 2010. Oh I know why…It’s a typo! <smh>

Now as the FBI website informs us, a “victim” can be an individual, a business, an institution, or society as a whole, and:

A reported 4,824 offenses were crimes against persons—intimidation accounted for 46.2 percent of these offenses; simple assault for 34.8 percent; and aggravated assault for 18.4 percent. There were 2,861 reported offenses of crimes against property—the majority (81.1 percent) were acts of destruction/damage/vandalism.

In other words, most hate crimes don’t end in homicide, as Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton would have us believe. The FBI site page that the Huffington post links us to also does not tell us what percentage of hate crime victims are black people either – they (HP) made sure of that, trust me! Most people won’t take the time to dig around and find that number but in reality, we don’t have to (stay with me). We do know that in 2010, out of 6,624 hate crimes 47.3% of them were motivated by race. Obviously, the entire 47.3% were not black victims, but for the sake of the argument, let’s say that they were. That means that approximately 3,113 victims of racially motivated hate crimes that year were black. It sounds like a lot until you juxtapose this with the number of black people in the entire US population that year – 40 million! So in our hypothetical scenario, just over 3,000 black people were the victims of a hate crime in a population of 40 million and we know that not all of those 3,113 people were killed! We know that not all 3,113 incidents were committed against people (keep in mind a hate crime can be committed against property)! I’m not saying that any of those crimes were justified but we all need to understand the way the liberal machine exaggerates and misrepresents  these things. It makes me furious, because now we have, in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting, while Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are having rallies around the country in the name of justice for Trayvon Martin, even after Zimmerman has been charged (Is that not what they wanted & rallied for in the first place?), we have incidents of blacks committing violence against random white people who have absolutely nothing to do with Martin or Zimmerman, for so-called retaliation! Al Sharpton has said,


“I don’t believe in drive-by activism…if we in it, we gone be in it, til we end and win…”

So why hasn’t he or Jesse Jackson spoken out against the violent attacks on white people by black people in the name of justice for Trayvon? You see, if you get involved in it you can’t just deal in the comfort zone of rallies & news appearances for white on black offenses, you have to address the harvest which comes from the seeds you’ve sown. Since Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want black people to believe that white on black hate crimes involving homicides are so prevalent, that we must be on the look out, let me tell you the top 10 things that we can blame evil “whitey” for that really are killing black men (ages 15-19, Trayvon Martin’s age) in high numbers, according to the CDC,as only I can (Note that there’s a tie between the bottom three reasons but the ranking is how the CDC presented it):


  • #10 Stroke – That’s right! the white man keeps black men ages 15-19 down so much, that .5% of them are having fatal strokes.
  • #9 HIV – Well, since the white people invented HIV & placed the virus in the black community to eradicate the black race, .5% of black men ages 15-19 are dying from HIV (as the age goes up, so do the percentages)
  • #8 Anemias – Our young brothers in that age group have so much pressure from “whitey” that they are losing hemoglobin/red blood cells & dying – well, just .5% of them.
  • #7 Respiratory disease – White people are suffocating .7% of young black men with diseases of the lungs – to death.
  • #6 Birth Defects – There’s a secret group of white people who have the task of using genetic engineering during sonograms across the country to make sure 1.2% of young black men are born with fatal birth defects.
  • #5 Cancer – 2.4% of young black men in that age group get cancer from their drinking water specially aimed at them by white people.
  • #4 Heart Disease-Forget genetics, diets filled with fatty fried foods & little to no exercise, 3.5% of young black men in that age group (and differing percentages of all black male age groups) develop heart disease from touching a white person.
  • #3 Suicide – 5.3% of black men ages 15-19 see the white world and opt out altogether.
  • #2 Unintentional/Accidental Deaths- 23.9% of black men ages 15-19 are so disconcerted from white on black hate crimes that they are accidentally killing themselves & other young black men.

And finally…..

#1 An overwhelming 52.3% of black men ages 15-19 are killed by Homicide by white people…..right? Oh, I forgot, 94% of homicides where the victim is black also have black killers! Black men of that age group are secretly programmed by “whitey”to kill each other. This is the most diabolical part of white people’s scheme to exterminate black men. Evil “whitey”makes them kill each other so no fingers can be pointed at them for pulling the triggers.

So there you have it black people. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton may be right about evil whitey, they’re just wrong about the methods. White people don’t kill black people directly, they use disease, conditions and most of all, black people to kill black people. I just wanted to clear up that little discrepancy for you <sarcasm>. Now someone will say, “Talitha, what do you do about black on black violence….Why do you talk about JJ & AS (hey, I said azz, not…well, you know.) My answer is that I give money to organizations who are fighting this fight when I can. I blog about these things all over the internet, I speak out against it publicly and I participate in legitimate gatherings for these causes. I also keep some hot steel waiting for these monsters in the black community who terrorize our communities, so that if they come to mess with my family and I, I will do the black community a favor and give them what my fellow conservative Minister Derrick Grayson AKA “TMOT” calls a “dirt nap” – that’s what I do. There’s one more statistic regarding black people that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton either don’t know or ignore & that is the number of black people who are struck by lightning. First:

“According to the U.S. National Weather Service, 73 people die from lightning strikes in the US each year and hundreds more suffer life-debilitating injuries. The highest death rates from lightning in the United States are in Florida, which is known as the lightning capital of the country.”

Now, I have learned that only about 9 (approximately 7%) of those 73 people are black. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, I genuinely wish neither of you any harm, but if the old adage is true that liars are struck by lightning, you better watch what you say – especially while in Florida…

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