Daily Videos, Scary, funny and informative 5/07/12

Very Funny Thanks for the Share Alfonzo Rachel, great find
Don’t Get Chased by Batman


Obama & Biden thinks “Julia” needs the gov’t to take care of her from cradle to grave:


But the Heritage Foundation came up with a better life for “Julia” where she does not have to be dependant upon the gov’t her entire life:
A Better Life for Julia

President Obama’s team introduced the “Life of Julia,” a portrayal of a liberal vision of life for one woman. Our version shows how conservative policies, like the ones outlined in Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan, can empower Julia and all Americans without government interference at every stage of life.



Heheheheheh! but then WAKE UP AMERICA, it’s time to get to work!


Sean Penn had a bad case of verbal diarrhea recently. Zo parses through Sean Penn’s meandering musings and tells you why Penn is not only wrong, but intolerant. Hear more.


Got to get back to school …. But I have like 5 more videos to share so I guess there will be a round two later tonight :)

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