You’ve Gotta Read This 5-3 Part 1

You’ve Gotta Read This 5-3 Part 1

The cops in Norfolk are answering critics of their handling of the mob, Obama’s white girlfriend speaks, more on the blind Chinsese dissident, Romney gets rid of gay radical advisor, Frank-Dodd continues to cost you money, Washington Post covers for OWS terrorists, Vanderbilt persecutes Christians, governor approves of it, naming names of dissidents, Obama praises a Nazi sympathizer for Jewish Heritage Month, Meghan McCain’s sticks up for bully, Obama is a disgrace in abandoning Chen.

By Mack Rights


The Cops in Norfolk, VA are answering critics in regards to the reporting on the mob that attacked the two reporters.  This is the problem with hate crimes legislation that automatically write racial inequalities into the law.  If you say an attack on one race is a hate crime, other races will want their crimes declared as hate crimes as well.  That right there is the issue.  Crime is rarely performed out of love, so if we all want to live in a world where we are considered equal in the eyes of the law, we must refrain from pushing laws that depend upon a foundation of inequality in the eyes of the law.  I’m not saying there aren’t inequalities- that’s a fact of life.  But lady justice is blindfolded because she’s not supposed to see inequalities while balancing the scales of justice.

After quoting from the NY Post report on Obama’s white girlfriend and the dishing she’s doing, has a funny comment that I wish I had made myself.

She [Obama’s old girlfriend] talked about how Obama walked around his bedroom bare-chested, dressed in a blue and white sarong while working on a New York Times crossword puzzle.

“I open the door that Barack keeps closed to his room and enter in a warm, private space pervaded by a mixture of smells that so strongly speak of his presence, his liveliness, his habits — running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing,” Cook wrote.

Obama and Cook would date for a year. He was 22 and she was 25 when they met.

Cook said when she told Obama she loved him, he responded: “Thank you.”

Obama even briefly moved into Cook’s Prospect Park, Brooklyn, apartment and they celebrated Christmas together in 1983, before the two parted ways.

There are some interesting glimpses into the president’s past in this report.  You’ve got to love the bit about Cook telling the chosen one that she loves him, and he says thanks.  And then after moving in with her, he leaves her after Christmas.  Probably to celebrate the New Year I assume.  And did you notice that she calls the skirt he was wearing a sarong?  This is all I have to say.  Our president dated a woman who thinks it’s cool to date men who wear skirts.  I guess two things to say.  Our president wore a skirt.

Concerning the blind Chinese dissident, some are asking what the US promised China in the so-called deal.  Michael Auslin writes:

American officials seem to confirm this statement, saying that Mr. Chen’s asylum was sought under ‘exceptional circumstances’ and that Washington did not expect it to happen again.  Did US officials agree to no longer accept oppressed dissidents seeking asylum?  If true, it is a giant step backward for American moral power in the world…  This follows President Obama’s failure to stand up for Mr. Chen, and human rights, in China during his press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda this week.

I was suggesting that the Romney camp get rid of gay radical Richard Grenell because of his rabid advocacy of the gay agenda.  It’s a done deal.  Not because I suggested it of course.  Grenell must not have been able to take the heat, nor should he have.  He’s leaving the Romney campaign, and while they gave him a nice public pat on the back, behind closed doors, it was probably a swift push down the stairs.

In Rules for Bailouts, Nicole Gelinas highlights that regulators have missed 148 of 221 rule-writing deadlines mandated by the Dodd-Frank Law.  Recently, the FDIC and Treasury announced their final rule for “orderly-liquidation authority.”  So that the government doesn’t have to do a bailout, they’re forcing banks and financial institutions to cover the costs of bailing out failing institutions.  In other words, if you have your money at a bank that doesn’t fail, you will be charged more so that those at banks that do fail can get bailed out.  That way it won’t be the taxpayer bailing out the bank.  This is a different kind of socialism.  It’s really closer to fascism, in that the government is running the private sector through co-opting the capitalistic process.  But fascism is still socialism.

The Washington Post covers the attempted May Day bomb plot of a bridge in Cleveland.  The self-described anarchists are all members of Occupy Wall Street, the protest movement run by the Obama administration’s community organizing surrogates.  I’ve scoured the report several times, and I cannot find one mention that these domestic terrorists are members of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  One look at the mug shots will tell you all you need to know about these OWS terrorists though.  Are OWS protestors the new Islamists in the eyes of the terrorist-sympathizing liberal media?

Following the attempt to ruin Christian organizations by forcing them to allow homosexuals and atheists in as members and as leaders, I find it heartening that the Tennessee Legislature is willing to pass legislation that will halt this anti-Christian nonsense.

However, it looks like Tennessee’s supposedly Republican governor will veto the bill for religious liberty.  This is why the Republican Party is having so much trouble with religious voters.  When it comes time to witness, they go all Judas on us.

At a time when our president is in the process of throwing a pro-life Chinese dissident into the torture chambers because he’s too inconvenient, here’s a post about human rights people (the real ones, not the gay church burners) naming names of dissidents in the face of totalitarianism.  It’s a powerful blow to the armored façade of dictatorships.  Learn about Eli Lake, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Andrei Sakharov and Elena Bonner.  Listing the names of those imprisoned in places that are closer to hell on earth than anything we’ve ever known stands as an eternal record of those who gave up everything to resist the totalitarian instincts of bad government.

Jerome Morgan, in efforts to get contracting preference, must prove he’s black to the city of Detroit.

This is funny in that it shows Obama’s incompetence, of course.  For Jewish Heritage Month, Obama lauded Nazi supporter Gertrude Stein.  While Stein was Jewish, she was a supporter of the Vichy regime in France during WWII.  Of all the Jews in all the world, Stein had to be the one in Obama’s speech.  “A rose is a rose is rose.” – (Gertrude Stein’s quote at the beginning of Hemingway’s A Sun Also Rises).  Except she wasn’t a rose.  The sad thing is, if she supported the communist regime in the Soviet Union, it wouldn’t have mattered.  They’re all evil.  But then again, this isn’t going to matter either.  Obama never apologizes, and the liberal media don’t care.

Bill Ayers, the man who made Obama, gives a speech:  “I don’t think there is
any question the American empire is in decline…”

It’s no secret that I despise John McCain more than most Democrats, and his daughter is really no better.  Meghan McCain’s a big gay agenda “republican.”  Like her father, she hates conservatives more than Democrats.  In any case, she is very selective in her blogging efforts to halt bullying, and she has said absolutely nothing bad about Dan Savage’s vitriolic tirade on the Bible, Christians and religion in the name of gay rights.  This is a comprehensive look at why Meghan McCain is a rotten apple at the base of a dying apple tree- you know, because that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Regarding the Virginia mob, the police originally checked off the “hate crime” box, but now they seem hesitant to claim it’s racially motivated.  The story continues to develop.

Mona Charen knows something about dissidents.  Read her article on “Obama’s Disgraceful Abandonment of Chen Guangcheng.”

Charles C. W. Cooke has been covering the Occupy Wall Street movement for a while.  Here is an article on OWS’s “Totalitarian Temptation.”  It’s eye opening.


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