You’ve Gotta Read This 5-3 to 5/12 part 7

You’ve Gotta Read This 5-3 to 5/12 part 7

Obama’s money guys are gay, Obama calls out Romney’s donors by name and they lose business, Romney was a teenager and liberals hate that, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand asks for abortion donations for Mother’s Day, Celebrities go after Bristol Palin for being against “gay marriage,” Robin Roberts didn’t want you to know she’s a lesbian, Bill Clinton can’t stand Obama, MSNBC liberal looses it with a Romney defender, House Dems getting trained to blame everything on race, Facebook founder renounces US citizenship over taxes, Obama doesn’t invite Israel to NATO meeting in Chicago because his Muslim Turk friends want the Jews to be liquidated, Obama pushed a girl as a kid and describes it in his own words (some war on woment), NPR consults Dan Savage in reference to Romney being a bully.

By Mack Rights

Some argue that Obama’s endorsement of the destruction of marriage as we know it was about nothing more than getting campaign dollars from his gay constituents.  It conveniently was made the day before he went to Hollywood for a fundraiser with George Clooney and all of gay Hollywood.  Within 90 minutes of his announcement he’d raised $1 million in donations.  He also has an LGBT fundraiser with the performance by Pink coming and another LGBT fundraiser in New York with Ricky Martin.  As Hollywood Reporter reports:  “One in six of Obama’s so-called bundlers –  people who raise money in great stacks for the president’s campaign – is gay, giving the issue great importance in his fiscal game.”  So let’s recap.  Fewer than 1 in 50 people in the US might be gay (about 2%), but about 16.5% of the big money donors to the Obama campaign are gay.  If you’re not gay, why would you want to be ruled by a party that is so beholding to the gays, especially since, if you’ve been reading this, you know how vicious and un-Christian these folks can be?  If you’re not gay and don’t think children should be gayed up by homosexuals, you have an obligation to vote against the Democrats.

Obama, because he’s been having trouble raising money from anyone other than homosexuals, called out big donors to Romney’s campaign a while back.  One of these men, whom Obama falsely accused of being a bad man, is now being attacked by the gay agenda and is losing business.  This story is developing.

The Washington Post did a hit piece on Romney’s hazing pranks as a high school student in boarding school in the 60s.  They altered a statement to make it sound like their story was fully on the level.  The correction came later, after the multiple-thousand word hit-piece was front-page news.  Here’s the original with the correction.

The sister of the guy Romney allegedly hazed for having long hair in the 60s is saying:  “The family of John Lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of John is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda.  There will be no more comments from the family… If he were still alive today, he would be furious [about the story].”  The Washington Post alleged that Romney and the other boys picked on the boy because he was perceived to be gay.  The man supposedly came out to his family later and committed suicide, which the liberals are trying to blame on Romney.  Hazing is a natural part of boyhood, and suicide is a common act of homosexuals.  Can we assume Romney’s at fault?  No.  Boys will be boys, and gays often commit suicide due to depression, mental disorders and STDs.  Romney did not make this man’s choice to be gay.

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who ranks as the most liberal senator in the US Senate, solicited a Mother’s Day donation for EMILY’s List.  Ironic isn’t it.  EMILY’s List is dedicated to electing those who will dedicate their lives to the promotion and payment of abortion.  Our NY Senator wants us to donate funds to abortion for Mother’s Day.  If all pregnant women did what our senator wanted, there would be no mothers.

Bristol Palin is against Obama’s promotion of gay marriage.  Celebrities went after her for being an unmarried mother with the insinuation that, since she isn’t married, she has no business promoting marriage.  It’s funny, Obama cited his underage daughters in making his decision to admit he’s for gay marriage.  Neither of them are gay, are mothers, are married, are gay married or are married mothers, yet Bristol Palin, who understands how tough it is to raise children, isn’t entitled to her opinion.  It must be nice being liberal and never having to worry about how dumb, ignorant and idiotic you sound.

The Gawker does an article about how Robin Roberts, the woman who got Obama to make gay marriage a part of his campaign, feared the interview would “out her as a lesbian.”  I don’t know what she’s worried about.  She works for ABC, which is owned by Disney- the gayest company on the planet.  Robin, most people already assume you’re gay, simply because you’re a part of the liberal media. 

In Edward Klein’s new biography of Obama called “The Amateur,” we find what Bill Clinton really thinks of Obama.  According to the book, Bill Clinton said, “Barak Obama is an amateur.”  In trying to get his wife to run against him, he argued: “The economy’s a mess, it’s dead flat.  America has lost its Triple-A rating…  You know better than Obama does…  The country needs us!”  While there have been denials, it isn’t hard to believe what you’ll find in the coverage of this book.

An MSNBC anchor looses it and cuts off a conservative for defending Romney.  Watch the video to see how insane liberals can get when they come to terms with the fact that they cannot control how you think.  They lose it, and then they shut you up.  Liberalism is riddled with totalitarian tendencies.

Here’s coverage of a meeting that House Democrats had with Maya Wiley of the Center for Social Inclusion.  The Democrats fear that the minority vote, which they’ve taken for granted for so long, is slipping away.  As a result, they are taking classes that are training them to make race the issue.  That’s what happens when you can’t argue you’re position without laughing at yourself.  You have to call your opponent a racist.  This week-sister play is getting tired liberals.

Under Obama, taxes and regulations on business have gotten so bad that the Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin is joining a list of other young folks who are giving up their US citizenship.  Like Thatcher always said, “Socialists eventually run out of people to tax.”

Israel was not invited to NATO’s Chicago Summit.  Why would Obama, a well-known Israel-hating Arabist, invite the Middle East’s only true Democracy to a Summit on how to protect and serve?  Word is, Obama didn’t want to offend the Islamist Turkey contingent.  Wake up liberal Jews, Obama hates Israel.

The media got their panties in a bunch over Romney’s high school hazing incident, but paid little attention to Obama’s story in Dreams of My Father in which he pushed a little girl named Coretta.  Here’s Obama, in his own voice, discussing it.

In ridiculing Romney for being a boy with boy-like qualities when he was young, NPR, government-funded radio where the elite meet to scoff at those who eat meat, cites Dan Savage, gay bully extraordinaire, to make their point.  It takes a lot of self-delusion to be a liberal and actually take yourself seriously.


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