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Prayer: Praying for us as individuals as a business/organization and our families. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the principalities that be. Your prayers for us are invaluable. If you yourself are struggling and need prayer for anything please send your prayer request to prayer@fdfny.org

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For as little as $10 you can become a 21st century abolitionist and supporting member of TFDF. Among other things your membership makes you part of creating a more politically honest dialogue, holding politicians accountable, discounts to our annual summit, and any FDF event across America, Book a speaker Free in your town, free admission to other events and more.

The time is NOW to take back out party!

Today, I am asking for your support and for you to prayerfully consider what you can give in time, money, and skills. Help us today so we can help TAKE BACK AMERICA and restore the American Dream.

(See Ten Ways we will save the Republican Party HERE)

 WE Believe faith, family and education are the Keys to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

 We Stand For:

* Traditional family values
* The Sanctity of human life
* Individualism – Personal Responsibility
* REAL American History
* Taking Race off the table
* Truth and equality in education
* School Choice / School Vouchers
* Free-market capitalism
* Constitutional Integrity
* Lower taxes
* Civic participation from a Biblical worldview with the goal of strengthening and sustaining healthy families

Our primary mission is to Educate, Educate, Educate!

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We go into Democrat strongholds in order to educate, agitate and educate. Taking back ground that has been lost. We organize workshops and presentations and offer counseling. We build up other groups and strengthen coalitions. We have partnered with groups such as Carenet, Freedom works, Tea Party Express, RPU, Roc4Israel, and more. It is about supporting one another and coming together with like-minded people and groups to get the work done that is so vital to saving our communities.

Our year-round vote-your-values-centered public awareness campaigns target people in every community across New York State, with a focused awareness on inner-city areas. We Promote Conservative principles from both a social and economic framework that is designed to equip people to succeed: Through counseling, community events, workshops, media campaigns, peaceful civic participation and grassroots lobbying. We act as a national clearinghouse, providing resource guides, articles and newsletters, real history lessons and “Personal responsibility IS economic freedom” lessons. As well, we provide much needed pre- and post-abortive counseling.


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Make a Monthly Pledge and become a Partner: $5/month or more helps fund our efforts.  Want to find out more about where your money will go CLICK HERE. You can designate your money to support a workshop, message or task. Make a monthly or one-time non-tax deductible gift Now.

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Event Sponsor:  You can choose to be a generic sponsor for an event, pick which type of event you want to sponsor or sponsor multiple events. You can even pick what city (in NY) you want the event held in. Each event we do costs between $120 and $500 just in basic costs alone. It depends on where and when the event is be held. As an event sponsor you or your company name will have the option to be on all promotional event advertisements, have a table at the event/workshop and we will mention you by name through out the event as a sponsor. There are various community events we host: American History in Black and White, Maafa 21, 180 ( an 80 min -Pro-Life, Pro-Isreal, Gospel Centered Message and Presentation), Financial Freedom & The American Dream, Student Leadership Forum, Student Scholarships ($200 each 3 a year), Love & Respect (Building Character in our youth & Strengthening Marriages), Annual FDFNY Awards Banquet, Newsletter Distribution (we literally go to the people and hand these out on the street), DVD Distribution of “The Show”, Bill Board/Media Campaigns (ask about current campaign), Grassroots Lobbying/Crafting Policy and more. Each of these programs/workshops and events have been specially chosen because they fit the FDF Message. For more information on any of these program events or to volunteer please call (585) 615-9551 or email us events@fdfny.org directly. By Sponsoring an event you help us off set the costs for these FREE EVENTS we offer to the community. Even when a group does not sponsor an event we still try to do one a month, in as many cities as possible


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Did you know, Ayesha Kreutz wrote Chapter 15 in this book?
The Book: Life At All Costs- An Anthology of Voices from 21st Century Black Prolife Leaders: Read A Review of the book HERE.  This is a collection of essays edited by Dr. Alveda King and Dr. La Verne Tolbert, as well as Ryan Scott Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation.  We at the Frederick Douglass Foundation are well represented in this book with contributions from our founders Dr. Timothy Johnson and Rev. Dean Nelson, as a well as from California’s Rev. Walter Hoye, II, from Catherine Davis of Georgia and from NY State FDF President Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz.

If we wanted to end abortion in America this would be required reading in every school. Buy one for you and a friend Today. Buy it Through us now


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Buy the DVD Maafa 21: 21st Century Black Genocide 

It is time we call them out!  The abortion industry has deliberately targeted black women to destroy the life that grows within their womb.  Every ethnic group has increased in population while the black population has decreased from 14% to 12.3%.  Maafa 21 exposes the hidden realities within the abortion industry from the end of slavery to today.  You do not want to miss it!

Purchase a copy today and/or schedule a screening of this critically acclaimed documentary email us at info@fdfny.org

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Invite us to do a showing of the movie to your group FREE – events@fdfny.org

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Make a Donation of $3 and receive 2 of these cool rounded edged business card size hand outs. A Great way to share the message with our youth.

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