When Does Taxing become Stealing?

Can the government steal?

When, if ever, does taxation become stealing?

How much is too much to take from people?

10% of income, 30% of your income, 50% of your income, 90% of your income or should it all go to the government for them to divvy out?

Also if the top 10% pay 71% of all taxes and the bottom 45% pay nothing but have a negative tax rate (getting more money back than what they paid in), who is actually stealing from who? Who is the slave of whom? If the government can steal that is


  Is he a double talking swindler or just speaking truth?

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4 thoughts on “When Does Taxing become Stealing?

  1. This is from an IRS document:

    “Reducing the Federal Tax Gap
    A Report on Improving Voluntary Compliance
    Internal Revenue Service
    U.S. Department of the Treasury
    August 2,2007″

    This is 1984 double-speak. But they have to say this because a compulsory income tax is unconstitutional. So they call it voluntary, but dare you to act like it is.

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