How jerky, Why lie You are the first lady?

Yep I just do not get it. Why make everything about race? You are the […]


CRomnibus funding Crony Capitalism

By Rus Thompson: Remember a couple weeks ago I said we were entering the most […]


No Equality for Christians w/ Gay Bakers

#equality – #noequality? I have been waiting for this. I am glad someone finally did […]



I will never deny that racism exists. It is alive and well, and has been since near the beginning of human history. Yet, do we combat racism by inciting divisions, violence, and hate? Do we allow politicians and race baiters to profit from stirring fear and distrust among the races? Do we reckon racism as political when it is spiritual?


Sen. Tim Scott Makes History

Tim Scott, one of my all time favorite people, makes history. He has been sworn […]


981 Black Missourians have died since Micheal Brown

If black life really matters why are there not protest and riots in front of Planned Parenthood? This organization was specifically started to target and eradicate blacks and other undesirables. Talk about being a hypocrite. Since Michael Brown Died, 981 Black Babies Have Died in Abortion in Missouri, But There are No Riots.

Common Core Betrays the Civil Rights Movement

Original post  By Nicholas Tampio and Yohuru Williams, Truthout | Op-Ed Given the power of […]

Court rules: State has no responsibility to provide quality public education

The decision dismisses an unprecedented “right-to-read” lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Michigan in July 2012 on behalf of eight students of nearly 1,000 children attending K-12 public schools in Highland Park, Mich. The suit, which named as defendants the State of Michigan, its agencies charged with overseeing public education and the

Americans are Stupid, Lack of Transparency is best

  Democrats and the Obama Administration telling us what they really think about us. Folks […]


9 Important Historic -Key Points About Last Night’s Election

9 Important (and Historic) Key Points You Need To Know About Last Night’s Election original […]


Things I wish I had said

This was fantastic! You get a 21st Century Abolitionist award.

Mack Rights- Mayor Lovely Warren, mentor to Houston’s Annise Parker?

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, mentor to Houston Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker? By Mack Rights Houston […]

gop up butt

We must work to curtail the effects of living off government/taxes

Yes, the government has an insatiable appetite. The government will never be satisfied until it consumes everything and one of the best ways to continue to grow and gain control is to convince people you cannot do with out it. The more dependent we become on government programs the less independent we become. The more we relegate the responsibilities of the family and church to government the more we become as slaves. Help fight for freedom, liberty and life not defend and justify mediocrity – Chaplain Kreutz


Mack Rights- If I Ran the GOP and Xanadu- Las Vegas

If I Ran the Monroe County GOP and Xanadu- Las Vegas By Mack Rights This […]

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