How jerky, Why lie You are the first lady?

Yep I just do not get it. Why make everything about race? You are the […]


Obama, “I want a Single Payer System”

  From West Journalism Follow @WestJournalism Follow The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY on Twitter […]


Who Really Wrote the Healthcare Bill?

Beck on Breitbart’s Story: From Breitbart: In the book, Creamer draws lessons from decades of […]

Are you sorry for voting for Obama yet?

Hey you, You who voted for Obama.. I have a question, are you sorry yet? […]

ALERT, Alert: Last day for HHS commenting April 8

Come on Frederick Douglass Foundation Members lets represent: I have 2 things to share This […]

For all the Obama Fan Club Members

Via Christopher Harris “This government has failed us. The government itself has failed us, and […]

Obamaism: Leftist Religiosity

The above sacrilegious image says it all. Obama isn’t the mere beneficiary of a national, […]

The New Year Brings New ObamaCare Taxes

The New Year Brings New ObamaCare Taxes The third wave of ObamaCare taxes began on […]

No generational Wealth for Blacks

Brothers and Sisters we need to talk. Here is a little fact about where Socialism […]


Things Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know

14 Things Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Last Four Years – Make […]

Obama’s pro-growth solutions – Dismal Numbers

By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz When running for President, Obama assured us that he had pro-growth […]