Silent No More: The abortion that never was

  By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz, Bond servant to Christ, Wife, Mother, Teacher and President of […]


US Abortion Industry rivals the best killers & dictators

By Ayesha Kreutz Let’s see how Abortion stacks up by the numbers over the last […]

Stop dehumanizing yourself and others

Strengthen the family, Cultivate a culture of life and acceptance. Wake up Rochester: In Monroe […]

Abortion is a human issue NOT a Party issue

  By Ayesha Kreutz Abortion is not a black or white thing, it is not […]

Walter Joshua Fretz - 19 weeks old -

2014 National Frederick Douglass Leaders Summit

Our FDF Summit has gone live! What does this mean for you?  Two Things: 1.) […]


Nothing wrong with a little Adversity & Failure

There is much to learn from Adversity and you can learn from failure. This is […]


Jesus Christ & Santa Claus

Can they be one in the same? Or have we let the world (satan) counterfeit […]


The Robertson documentary by I Am Second

Three generations. One duck related Dynasty. The Robertson family story told through the lens of […]


Ayesha Kreutz’s Speech on Cultural Confidence

By Ayesha Kreutz President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY  When asked to come […]


What does Abortion look like? A monster

As someone who has had an abortion, I can tell you watching things like this […]


Follow pro-choice money: NARAL & PP

Follow pro-choice money By Rachel Peller, Commentary – Timesunion I started looking into pro-choice and […]


Trayvon / Zimmerman Racists & More

By Ayesha Kreutz, President of the FDFNY I will no longer entertain peoples foolish racist […]