I will never deny that racism exists. It is alive and well, and has been since near the beginning of human history. Yet, do we combat racism by inciting divisions, violence, and hate? Do we allow politicians and race baiters to profit from stirring fear and distrust among the races? Do we reckon racism as political when it is spiritual?


We must work to curtail the effects of living off government/taxes

Yes, the government has an insatiable appetite. The government will never be satisfied until it consumes everything and one of the best ways to continue to grow and gain control is to convince people you cannot do with out it. The more dependent we become on government programs the less independent we become. The more we relegate the responsibilities of the family and church to government the more we become as slaves. Help fight for freedom, liberty and life not defend and justify mediocrity – Chaplain Kreutz


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Walter Joshua Fretz - 19 weeks old -

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