Jenelle: It’s a Bunch of Cells growing

Leave a comment… What do you think of this? What does it make you think […]


Obama Get Out! Obama’s slick marketing….Great song -Video

Obama Get Out! Obama’s slick marketing…. B.O’s got to go… Great song O You got […]

Need A Smile? Watch This – The Government Can

The government trys to act like the Candy man But truth is… it is candy […]

Great Laughs, Election Moments and more 2012

Heheheeh, I should not laugh but it is so pathetic I cannot help it. McCain […]


Tolerate Intolerance

I have to admit, I liked this one… factual, sarcastic and funny A good find, […]

Israels original borders

One of the Funniest Movie Lines Ever?

An oldie but a goodie… Along with this classic funny video let me point out […]