CRomnibus funding Crony Capitalism

By Rus Thompson: Remember a couple weeks ago I said we were entering the most […]



I will never deny that racism exists. It is alive and well, and has been since near the beginning of human history. Yet, do we combat racism by inciting divisions, violence, and hate? Do we allow politicians and race baiters to profit from stirring fear and distrust among the races? Do we reckon racism as political when it is spiritual?


981 Black Missourians have died since Micheal Brown

If black life really matters why are there not protest and riots in front of Planned Parenthood? This organization was specifically started to target and eradicate blacks and other undesirables. Talk about being a hypocrite. Since Michael Brown Died, 981 Black Babies Have Died in Abortion in Missouri, But There are No Riots.

Common Core Betrays the Civil Rights Movement

Original post  By Nicholas Tampio and Yohuru Williams, Truthout | Op-Ed Given the power of […]

Drug and Alcohol Addiction: A Christian Perspective

Battling Drug and Alcohol Addiction: A Christian Perspective   by Providence Crowder A Message to the […]

Three Ways To Save Your Hood Today!

Self Defense. Private Security. Police/Community Unity. These three topics comprise my anti-crime activism.  Notice each […]

A T-Shirt For White Liberals In The Hood!

The solution to violent crime plaguing liberal White folks colonizing the Hood is: Wear t-shirts […]

The Reentry Program Racket

‘Mass incarceration” is the latest limp ( beyond soft ) on crime buzz phrase by sincere […]

Why question someones “blackness”?

Why is my blackness in question? By Providence Crowder  Member of The Frederick Douglass Foundation Originally posted […]

Dylan Farrow’s Open letter Essay:

Dylan Farrow’s Open letter about her abuse as a child. I am so impressed and […]

Dylan Farrow
By: Frances Silver

100 Days of Nonviolence

  Honoring Uncle MLK remembering Daddy today Today we honor my uncle, Dr. MLK in […]

Is Knockout Game A Hate Crime Only If Whites Do it?

As an equal opportunity anti crime activist, I’ve noted with some alarm the Obama Justice […]

The Robertson documentary by I Am Second

Three generations. One duck related Dynasty. The Robertson family story told through the lens of […]


How I Failed Nelson Mandela

By Alveda King At the passing of Nelson Mandela I am acknowledging that he was […]