No Equality for Christians w/ Gay Bakers

#equality – #noequality? I have been waiting for this. I am glad someone finally did […]



I will never deny that racism exists. It is alive and well, and has been since near the beginning of human history. Yet, do we combat racism by inciting divisions, violence, and hate? Do we allow politicians and race baiters to profit from stirring fear and distrust among the races? Do we reckon racism as political when it is spiritual?


Americans are Stupid, Lack of Transparency is best

  Democrats and the Obama Administration telling us what they really think about us. Folks […]


An instant Walmart Classic Open letter to New York Times

New York Times columnist Timothy Egan get schooled, by Walmart VP. I hope more people […]


Dylan Farrow’s Open letter Essay:

Dylan Farrow’s Open letter about her abuse as a child. I am so impressed and […]

Dylan Farrow
By: Frances Silver

Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY Condemns Gov. Cuomo for Intolerance

For Immediate Release: Jan. 20th, 2014  The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY Condemns Governor Cuomo […]


The Robertson documentary by I Am Second

Three generations. One duck related Dynasty. The Robertson family story told through the lens of […]


Who Really Wrote the Healthcare Bill?

Beck on Breitbart’s Story: From Breitbart: In the book, Creamer draws lessons from decades of […]

Trayvon / Zimmerman Racists & More

By Ayesha Kreutz, President of the FDFNY I will no longer entertain peoples foolish racist […]


The Lesson Learned from The Zimmerman Trial: “All Life is PRECIOUS”

Originally Posted on July 18, 2013 by tfdfblog HERE By Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D. On behalf of the […]


What is our state of freedom? President makes the local news Ayesha Kreutz takes advantage of the good weather to […]

Russia says no to extradition: The 4th Amendment?

    Russia says no to extradition …. though a slap in the face our […]


ALERT, Alert: Last day for HHS commenting April 8

Come on Frederick Douglass Foundation Members lets represent: I have 2 things to share This […]