My man holds it down! Original Post: STOP KILLING THE DREAM By Ryan Scott Bomberger   A […]

E.W. Jackson enhances GOP’s Virginia ticket

Leave Star a Comment HERE on her blog   E.W. Jackson enhances GOP’s Virginia ticket […]

Yes I am an Uncle Tom – Speech by Ayesha Kreutz

Full Text of Speech for Tea New York April, 13th 2013 By Ayesha Kreutz Good […]

Bring a gun to a knife fight.

Paul McKinley: Chicagos Hood Conservative

 ” I’m an ex offender trying to stop the next offender ” -Paul McKinley   […]

Republican Racial Catch 22

Author’s Note: This is my American History Month ( Black Liberal History Month alternative ) […]

1975 William T. Coleman 1st black to be nominated as…

1975: Jan. 14th, William T. Coleman nominated as the first Black to be US Secretary […]


Where did the Dixiecrats go?

By Ayesha Kreutz “Where did the Dixiecrats go?” Contrary to legend, it made no sense […]


Democrats Smeared MLK in the 1960’s

 By Frances Rice  Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born […]

Frances Rice(1)

The RNC Planned to Silence Grassroots Opposition

By Michael Duncan From FreedomWorks Blog  When the Romney camp and the Republican establishment rewrote Rule 15 […]

The complex Journey of a Black Conservaitve…It is quite simple… ?

I remember being excited and angry at the same time. I was excited, because I was “IN THE PURSUIT” of my dreams and goals. But I was angry, because I had just thought about the idea that, when I do achieve my dreams and goals, from a financial standpoint, I am going to be expected to

Christopher HArris

Republican I have a question?

As a Republican or Conservative what issue or thing do you feel like you are […]