CRomnibus funding Crony Capitalism

By Rus Thompson: Remember a couple weeks ago I said we were entering the most […]


The Tea Party Isnt White Folks Only

      News flash: The Tea Party isn’t WFO ( White Folks Only! ). […]

Choose Grassroots Over Current GOP Establishment

Black folks haven’t given the GOP a reason to court us! This may anger liberals […]

The RNC Planned to Silence Grassroots Opposition

By Michael Duncan From FreedomWorks Blog  When the Romney camp and the Republican establishment rewrote Rule 15 […]

Kevin Daniels / Timothy Johnson at Moore TEA Citizens Supper 08-12-13

Posted on August 17, 2012 by tfdfblog Published on Aug 16, 2012 by AspiringVideographer Moore TEA Citizens members and […]


Statewide NY Tea Party Caucus: Monroe County March 3rd

Statewide Tea Party Caucus  Join us as we listen to speakers on behalf of each […]

caucus flyer

Meaningless occupation

By Hassan Nurullah In the year of our Lord 1605, a cadre of English Roman […]


The T.E.A Party is Racist, See it for yourself

Take a look at each of these videos and stories and then let me know […]