Rochester City Leaders: Blacks are Endangered

City Leaders on Record: Blacks are Endangered Species – Youth Rally Planned The Am I […]

Silent No More: The abortion that never was

  By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz, Bond servant to Christ, Wife, Mother, Teacher and President of […]


US Abortion Industry rivals the best killers & dictators

By Ayesha Kreutz Let’s see how Abortion stacks up by the numbers over the last […]

Abortion is a human issue NOT a Party issue

  By Ayesha Kreutz Abortion is not a black or white thing, it is not […]

Walter Joshua Fretz - 19 weeks old -

How I Failed Nelson Mandela

By Alveda King At the passing of Nelson Mandela I am acknowledging that he was […]


Hooking Kids on Sex

  WARNING, This video is NOT for Children! New York Fighting Back : Planned Parenthood […]


My man holds it down! Original Post: STOP KILLING THE DREAM By Ryan Scott Bomberger   A […]

What does Abortion look like? A monster

As someone who has had an abortion, I can tell you watching things like this […]


Follow pro-choice money: NARAL & PP

Follow pro-choice money By Rachel Peller, Commentary – Timesunion I started looking into pro-choice and […]


I don’t personally support slavery, but it is your property

I don’t personally support slavery, but I can’t tell you what to do with your […]

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Jesus – Protect and Save the Unborn

 By Kathleen Quinn Anderson             Human life is sacred, holy and precious.   Genesis 1:26-27 describes […]


Stop Gov. Cuomo in his tracks: Protect woman

SEE ACTION ITEMS BELOW!! Show Down in Albany Tomorrow ? Republicans betraying us AGAIN? Read […]


UB Students for life Cursed by Teacher: Teacher Fired

ChrisTian AndZel and UB Students for life President makes the Druge Report  via lifenews!  Read […]