UB Students for life Cursed by Teacher: Teacher Fired

ChrisTian AndZel and UB Students for life President makes the Druge Report  via lifenews!  Read […]


ALERT, Alert: Last day for HHS commenting April 8

Come on Frederick Douglass Foundation Members lets represent: I have 2 things to share This […]

Remembering My Abortion pt.1 Letting My son, Navar, Live

  There are times I remember my first abortion like it was yesterday “There are […]

Toure: Drum Major For Urban Death

    MSNBC commentator Toure likes abortion and dislikes private gun ownership.   This gruesome platform credentials him […]

The NAACP Threatens Legal Action Against The Radiance Foundation

Please Pray for our friends at Radiance Foundation and share this story. Tweet it, facebook […]

Can we agree? or no? A Person?

A short Survey Is this a reasonable definition we can agree on? Or No?   […]

Free Movie: Maafa 21 @ Roberts

Event Information A full length feature film by Life Dynamics Maafa 21: 21st Century Genocide […]


Who gets to decide if you are a human?

36% of all black Pregnancies in Rochester,Ny end in abortion. Blacks account for 39% of […]


Abortion—The Looming Crisis in the Black Community

Abortion—The Looming Crisis in the Black Community (Research)  by Providence Crowder   Abstract I believe that […]

I’m Against Abortion, But….

I’m Against Abortion, But: A Pro-Life Response to the Frequent Pro-Abortion Claim by Bryan Kemper […]

What Has 40 Years of Abortion Done to America?

The Justice Foundation 7210 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78229 Contact:  Allan […]


Justifying & Rationalizing Abortion

By Ayesha Kreutz 1 in 20 woman have had an abortion and 1 in 3 […]

Ayesha Kreutz

Boredom, Abortion – Pop,Pop,Pop, another boy is dead..

…….There is very little pressure on these boys to man up and accept the role […]