Can we stop embracing Obama & Big Government

I am not actually sure that Obama and the Obama administration understand their jobs. What […]


Question of the Day Sat. Aug. 11: What is the proper Role of …

  This is a multi-part question – What is the proper role of government?  The federal […]



      ETCHED IN STONE: ROMNEYCARE = OBAMACARE The Campaign Within a Campaign Begins […]

Dems changing party simply to vote for Paul?

So the CONSERVATIVE and most CONSERVATIVE Candidate RON PAUL has the democrats teaching other democrats […]

Raise up Church! This is our time

  Sighting 27 biblical situations “they” formed the Declaration of Independence. While everyone else is […]

Talking with a ron paul supporter: Funny video

Sorry to my Ron Paul supporting Friends… Not that this is a 100% accurate or […]