A Letter to My Family: I Switched

A Letter to My Family… I used to be drastically, almost militantly opposed to the […]

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What difference does it make?

By: Mike Madigan 01-Feb-2013 Suicide bombing at US Embassy in Turkey kills 2. Quote from […]

What Difference Does the lie Make?

CorCraft Inc. – Democrat Plantations thrive in NYS

  By Mike Madigan The CorCraft plantation managers (NYS Prisons Company that profits from inmate […]


1975 William T. Coleman 1st black to be nominated as…

1975: Jan. 14th, William T. Coleman nominated as the first Black to be US Secretary […]


A question to my Democrat readers about the “New” American Dream?

A “New” American Dream Economy? What pray-tell is that? Democrats please tell me what does […]


How come you’re not mad at those Africans selling their own people

Vanessa Anderson “FDFNY Liberal Logic #15″ How come the liberal black folk want to be […]

“Liberal Logic” # 5

By Ayesha Kreutz “FDFNY Liberal Logic #5″ Yes, My Body My Choice….unless I am a […]

Bridging the Black political divide

  Our Very own Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield taking on victimhood and racism on all sides […]