Black America What is important to you?

Look I got to be real right now. I watch all these white folks standing […]

What difference does it make?

By: Mike Madigan 01-Feb-2013 Suicide bombing at US Embassy in Turkey kills 2. Quote from […]

What Difference Does the lie Make?

The New Year Brings New ObamaCare Taxes

The New Year Brings New ObamaCare Taxes The third wave of ObamaCare taxes began on […]

Obama: The Tax Man

Obama said republicans were fear mongering and that “Obamacare” was not a tax, Yet they […]


What Black Democrats Could Learn From a Town Drunk

I just started reading this guy Darrell Harrison and I like what I am reading so far. […]

EDITORIAL: Obama’s man crush on Reagan

The sad case of unreciprocated presidential love By THE WASHINGTON TIMES Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Ronald […]

The Obama Road – Video

Here is an action item to consider find out Where in your City on March […]


Are Black Republicans Like Runaway Slaves?

Posted on February 14, 2012 by tfdfblog By: David Swerdlick Posted: February 13, 2012 If so, can they […]

The T.E.A Party is Racist, See it for yourself

Take a look at each of these videos and stories and then let me know […]

Can Obama succeed?

Can Obama succeed? Buffalo News August 16, 2011 The inability of President Obama to run […]

The Anti-American President – A Concise List

They say oh it cannot happen here in America, but it has already been happening […]