Statewide NY Tea Party Caucus: Monroe County March 3rd

Statewide Tea Party Caucus  Join us as we listen to speakers on behalf of each […]

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The T.E.A Party is Racist, See it for yourself

Take a look at each of these videos and stories and then let me know […]

Harvesting Strange Fruits by Lenny McAllister

If there is still value in having a Congressional Black Caucus in 2011…it is being mortgaged out to pay for the protection of a few condescending, misguided, and marginalized members of elite pockets of Black America in their efforts to keep their seats of privilege. Rather than looking at themselves as nurturers of the Dream at a time when the MLK Monument is now up in Washington, many of these “leaders” see themselves as the embodiment of the Dream, not realizing that they were never to be anything more than a humble step stool so that the least advantaged among America (Black, White, and other ethnicities) had a chance to reach for that Dream…As a result, what we get is an increased amount of bad apples parading around as something delicious,…Even as Rep. Carson says that there are some that want to see us hanging from a tree, if Black America hangs its collective hat on that rhetoric going forward from here, we can hang u…

One Nation Over God, Divisible

Posted on July 4th By Ron Miller – – our national site This is […]