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Ayesha Kreutz

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Founder - FDFNY

Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz was born in Massachusetts and raised in Key West, Florida. She has traveled the country, and she currently resides in Rochester. She is becoming the bride of  Jesus Christ, the wife of Matthew, a mother, a chaplain, political consultant and commentator, a teacher, and an edifier. Ayesha is a published writer and a 21stcentury Abolitionist. She is the Founder and former president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York (FDFNY) and currently serves as its Pro-life director.

Mrs. Kreutz works with at risk youth and often shares her testimony of her own abuse and abortions, and how God brought her through the pain of childhood. Her goal is to show that God deserves all the Glory and that, with HIM, all things are possible. Her journey in life has taken her from broken and abused to a place of Godly character and freedom through the forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ. Chaplain Kreutz firmly believes that understanding and knowing scripture, our national history and economics will allow individuals to live as free thinkers and will allow them to escape the toxins of generational welfare dependency and institutionalized poverty.


As a mother of three living children, Ayesha has been homeschooling since 2005.  Her eldest child went on to a private Christian school - the Charles Finney School, where she substitute taught. Her oldest graduated in 2017.


As a Chaplain with Flower City Chaplains, she serves many area pastors, churches, groups, and businesses. Within the framework of these organizations, she focuses her time and skills on educating those around her through a comprehensive Biblical Worldview. This includes encouraging positive changes through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to strengthen the family-unit and to help integrate peaceful initiatives involving education and civic participation. Her passions have her fighting and Standing up for life, education, traditional family values, Real History and the economic solvency of the United States of America.


Her duties include Corporate Chaplain, Conflict Resolution, Individual and group counseling, Crisis Counseling, Pre- and Post-abortive counseling, training and discipleship. As well, Chaplain Ayesha performs Marriages and baptisms.

Mrs. Kreutz, has a Podcast "Clubbing Seals", is a sought-after public speaker and motivator, having appeared on the Glenn Beck Show, The Wilkow Show, as well as the Pudgy Miller show, Lion Chasers, Cradle My Heart, The Invisible Conservative, and, on occasion, she guest hosts for the Shannon Joy Show here in Rochester.


Ayesha has also contributed essays to Dr. Alveda King’s books Life At All Costs- An Anthology of Voices from 21st Century Black Prolife Leaders and Stumbling Blocks to Building blocks.

Her other writing  contribution include: articles to the FDFNY blog and The Minority Reporter newspaper here in Rochester. She travels the state of New York giving speeches, holding various events and workshops

Ayesha Kreutz is politically active, sits on her local committee, is an election inspector and organizes political campaigns. She was also a 1st Alternate presidential delegate.

Peter Vazquez

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President - FDFNY

Dean Nelson

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National Founder and  Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation. President and CEO of The Douglass Leadership Institute

Rev. Nelson is a licensed minister, ordained pastor, executive leader, organizational consultant, political activist, and sought after speaker. He currently serves as the national outreach director at Online for Life and as. He is married to the love of his life, Julia Nelson, and they have three children.

Dean Nelson,


Timothy Johnson


and Troy Roling


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American History in Black and White/ Voting Your Values

This program is designed to be presented in 1 to 3 sessions to allow content to be effectively absorbed and discussed. Options: 3-½ hour single seminar: Includes feature film by award-winning historian David Barton; A Power point presentation or a 3 session broken up to allow maximum conversation. All options allow for a Douglass Public Forum discussion time immediately following presentations.

Character First

Ages 11and up. The objective is to educate our children on the real risks and costs of premature sexual activity/premarital sex, while encouraging and equipping them to meet the challenge of a Godly character and true purity, preparing their way for a successful marriage life. This is offered as an in-depth 16-week course, or a one-time overview seminar option.

Financial Freedom and the American Dream

Economics 101 – a single session class, with the option of a follow-up course that can continue up to 6 sessions. The primary class would focus on Budgeting 101, outlining basic economics skills that are often grossly neglected in the public school system & the reality of scripture as it relates to economics.

Love and Respect

Ages 17 and up. This Pre-Marriage counseling/Marriage builder helps those interested in dating and getting married one day. The objective is to give couples foundations for meaningful and intimate relationships. Including instruction booklets on how to strengthen or renew a strong and loving marriage, this event also helps those who are in troubled marriages or relationships. Course can be custom organized for specific target groups.

Hall Walkers / Grassroots Lobbyist

Volunteer to go to Albany once a month and to DC once a quarter. Learn how to talk to legislators and how to be effective at the process. “Boots on the ground.”

“MAAFA 21: 21st Century Genocide” Film Screening

Screening & Discussion of “MAAFA 21: 21st Century Genocide,” A Life Dynamics Film documenting the history of eugenics, Planned Parenthood and race. 2 hr 19 mn film run time plus follow-up Q&A session with panel of members.

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